Jag You Are: I-Pace electric SUV stars at Birmingham Pride

Jaguar I-Pace at Birmingham Pride 2019 CLICK TO SEE MORE

Jaguar I-Pace at Birmingham Pride 2019: CLICK TO SEE MORE

A special edition Jaguar I-Pace joined the fun at Birmingham Pride this weekend – the UK’s biggest two-day LGBTQ festival.

The car wore a unique badge, with Jaguar’s big cat atop rainbow colours. ‘Jag You Are’ is emblazoned on the bonnet and there are more rainbow stripes on the car’s sides.

Local dealers have also been getting involved, with Stratstone and Guy Salmon both showing their support. Guy Salmon had its own black I-Pace on show with the same colour scheme.

In a statement on Twitter, Jaguar UK said ‘We’re proud to be supporting our diverse workforce at Birmingham Pride 2019 this weekend – the UK’s biggest two-day LGBTQ festival – where we joined the parade with a specially designed #JagYouAre #IPACE’.

Jaguar I-Pace at Birmingham Pride 2019

Birmingham Pride, which celebrates lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender culture, brought the town centre to a standstill. As many as 75,000 spectators lined the streets for the parade. 

Andrea Rosati of Jaguar design said: “With ‘Jag You Are’ and its graphics we talk about individuality and inclusiveness. Going beyond stereotypes – even in the LGBT+ community – we want to celebrate the chance to ‘be your own animal.’

“The artworks – really geometric, not over designed – are a homage to Polaroid: an instantaneous, immediate image of ourselves, showing who we are without filters.”

Last year, Jaguar became a member of Stonewall, a charity that works with employers to improve LGBTQ inclusion and engagement.

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