Hyundai has built an electric double-decker bus

Hyundai electric bus

If you’re fed up with seeing near-empty buses chuntering through town, smoke billowing from their exhausts, Hyundai has the answer.

The company has unveiled an all-electric double-decker bus, so you can look forward to seeing near-empty buses chuntering through town, only without the associated smoke and pollution.

The leccy bus can seat up to 70 passengers, with 11 seats on the first floor and 59 on the second. But before you head upstairs for a swift fag, smoking has been banned on buses since 2007. The days of lighting up in the back of a Leyland National are long gone.

On the electric buses

Hyundai all-electric busHyundai’s electric bus is a thoroughly modern affair, featuring two fixed-in-space wheelchairs and an automatic sliding ramp and low floor design for disabled and mobility-impaired passengers.

At 12,990mm long and 3,995mm high, it’s somewhat larger than the company’s usual SUV crossover fare. But unlike most seven-seat SUVs, the seats at the back don’t require the skills of a contortionist to get to.

Independent suspension for the first driving axle should result in a more comfortable ride, although after too many journeys in airport transfer buses, we still wouldn’t recommend sitting close to the rear wheels.

A 384kWh water-cooled polymer battery provides a maximum driving range of 300km (186 miles), with a full charge completed in 72 minutes.

Optimised for eco-friendly trends

Hyundai electric double-decker bus

Other features include rear-wheel steering, forward collision-avoidance, lane-keeping assist, vehicle dynamic control and a driver who’d prefer the exact fare, please.

“The double-decker electric bus is an environmentally friendly vehicle optimised for global eco-friendly trends,” said ByoungWoo Hwang, head of commercial vehicle advanced engineering team at Hyundai Motor.

“This will not only ultimately improve the air quality, but also contribute greatly to easing commuting-hour traffic congestion by accommodating more passengers.”

The Hyundai electric bus will be arriving at a bus stop near you soon, although don’t be surprised if three turn up at the same time.

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