Honda has created a 3D printed delivery van

Honda has created a 3D-printed delivery van

Honda has created a 3D printed delivery van

Ever wished your printer could create an electric van you could use for delivering dove-shaped shortbread? That’s what Honda has done. Sort of.

The 2.5-metre Micro Commuter electric van is based on a lightweight pipe-frame chassis, while the powertrain uses the same Micro EV technology as the firm’s MC-β ultra-compact electric vehicle, sold in Japan.

The clever bit, however, is the 3D printing methods used for the exterior panels and luggage space.

Based on an open innovation model, the Micro Commuter will be used by the Japanese Toshimaya Corp to carry out deliveries of its ‘Hato sablé’ dove-shaped shortbread. Erm…

The Micro Commuter was developed alongside Japanese 3D printing firm Kabuku Inc, and can travel up to 50 miles on a charge. If you’re feeling brave (remember, it’s actually made of paper), it can hit 43mph.

Oh, and that paper body helps with its kerb weight, which comes in at around 600kg. Not that you’ll want one running over your toe.

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