Honda names its new electric city car ‘e’

The new Honda e all-electric urban EV will open for ordering in summer 2019 and arrive in dealers in early 2020

Honda e rear badgeThe new all-electric Honda city car formerly called the e-Prototype has been officially named Honda e.

Ordering for the new Honda e is set to open in summer 2019, and deliveries to dealers are expected by early 2020.

The firm will also reveal the new Honda e in full this summer, although it is not expected to differ greatly from the Honda e-Prototype shown at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show: bosses admit that model is already 98 percent showroom-ready.

Honda e-Prototype front

With a 120-mile range, the Honda e is intentionally being pitched as an urban EV, rather than a long-distance electric car. This helps keep its dimensions compact, and also aids packaging: despite being small, the five-door car still seats four.

Honda e-Prototype rear

Honda hasn’t yet revealed details of the e’s battery capacity, but is expected to be around 30 kWh. This will help keep costs in check, although the Honda e will not be a budget-priced model.

The firm is instead positioning it as a modern luxury EV, with lots of interior gadgets and luxury features. It is expected to be priced from over £30,000.

Honda e-Prototype interior

Project leader Kohei Hitomi justified this to Motoring Research, during an interview earlier this year, by likening the Honda e to an iPhone. 

“That is not a cheap product, but everyone still wants to have one.”

Not that this is stopping ‘hand-raisers’ from contacting Honda: already, more than 6,500 expressions of interest have been placed in the UK alone, via the firm’s website.

Honda has also confirmed the next-generation Jazz will make its world debut at the Tokyo Motor Show later in 2019 – and the range will include an electrified hybrid version, using a version of the clever system already seen on the Honda CR-V Hybrid.

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