New all-electric taxi app uses fleet of Jaguar I-Paces

Say goodbye to Uber Luxe and hello to Havn. The app has launched with a fleet of Jaguar I-Paces for luxurious journeys in zero-emissions comfort.

Jaguar I-Pace chauffeur service London

London has a new premium all-electric chauffeur service: say goodbye to Uber Luxe and hello to Havn. The app has launched with a fleet of Jaguar I-Paces for passengers who want to travel emissions-free. 

Each ride can be customised, from the music you want playing in the car to the temperature in the cabin. You can even set your preference for how chatty the driver is.

All of the above can be pre-arranged via the iOS or Android app, or via the online booking portal, as you’re requesting your ride. 

Jaguar I-Pace chauffeur service London

Havn drivers are full-time company employees who have gone through rigorous training. This apparently helps keep the app’s approval rating at a high 4.8 out of five. That’s perhaps some reassurance to stave off any associations with lax driver scrutiny in some other ride-hailing options. The app has has been downloaded around 5,500 times so far.

Since the trial began in September, Havn rides have covered more than 18,000 miles. With the backing of JLR’s InMotion mobility services arm, the I-Pace fleet has grown even more.

Jaguar I-Pace electric vehicle

“The decision to use the all-electric Jaguar I-Pace, the 2019 World Car of the Year, allows us to offer our customers a sustainable premium alternative – urban mobility with zero emissions,” said Joseph Seal-Driver, MD of Havn.

“In just four months we have proved there is a significant appetite from customers who want sustainable transport without compromising on luxury, we’re seeing a fantastic response from businesses who want to improve their corporate travel.”

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