Revealed: the craziest things taken to a test drive

Horse taken on a test drive

What would you take along to a test drive? A friend, perhaps? Maybe a guide to the car in question? Two eminently sensible suggestions.

But we suspect you wouldn’t take a horse to a test drive. Or a rifle.

These are just two of the things car buyers have taken to a test drive, according to online used car platform, CarGurus.

It surveyed thousands of used car dealers to discover the most unusual items that customers have turned up to a test drive with over the last 12 months.

Many customers bring their pets – including fish, cats, a Great Dane in a child’s car seat, snakes and even a horse – while several dealers reported the ashes of dead relatives coming along for the test drive.

Meanwhile, musicians often bring their instruments to check they will fit in the vehicle. Dealers reported seeing a double bass, cello, drum kit and an accordion.

Musical instruments taken on a test drive

Chris Knapman, editor of CarGurus said: “These examples might be at the extremes of what car buyers have brought along on test drives, but they do highlight the importance of making sure a potential purchase is fit for purpose.

“After all, it’d be a shame to get your new car home only to discover your beloved 12-foot pet snake didn’t fit in the boot!

“Even for those with more conventional requirements we’d still encourage taking along items to ensure a car fits your needs, whether it’s child seats, a baby buggy, golf clubs or anything else you plan to carry on a regular basis.”

Top 10 most bizarre things taken to a test drive

  1. A ‘lucky’ egg
  2. A horse
  3. A rifle
  4. A 12-foot pet snake
  5. An accordion
  6. Two parrots
  7. A mattress
  8. The ashes of a deceased relative
  9. Slippers
  10. A truncheon
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