New classic car tracker will text you if your battery runs low

AutoTracA decade after it “revolutionised” the motorcycle security scene, AutoTrac is now taking on the classic car enthusiast market, with prices for the firm’s tracking device starting from £299.

Boasting high-level Thatcham Category 6 and Category 7 ratings, the device utilises GPS, GPRS and RF functions: this means both the Police and the AutoTrac monitoring team (which never sleeps or has a day off, says the firm) can very precisely locate a vehicle that’s been stolen.

This, it claims, can prove invaluable in issuing search warrants, due to the detailed location information.

The firm’s Bill Taylor said it was an “old hand at tracking stolen vehicles” and has currently recovered more than 800 stolen motorcycles through working with UK police forces.

But AutoTrac offers more than just ‘fit and forget’ tracking security for owners. Taylor reckons it will “enhance their experience” and add connected car-like features to old motors.

“An owner can see their vehicle’s location real-time on desktop or app, monitor battery voltage, view recent journeys and even download and share routes. On top of this, AutoTrac can even notify a next of kin if the unit detects a severe impact.”

The live battery voltage function will be particularly interesting to classic car owners – as will functionality that can be set  to text you when the voltage runs low. So, no more surprise flat batteries, the bane of retro car owners for years.

AutoTrac has its own battery, which lasts for 30 days at a time, so won’t be drawing power from the car itself.

The unit is the smallest currently on sale, adds Taylor: it’s priced from £299 and subscriptions start from £9.99 a month – “with unlimited calls, texts and emails”.

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