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Clarkson drives last ever lap of Top Gear test track

@JeremyClarkson via TwitterJeremy Clarkson has driven his last ever lap of the Top Gear test track after raising over £100,000 for charity to do it.

But the question is, which car did he do it in?

The former Top Gear presenter posted a picture to his 5.3 million followers on Twitter, of him standing next to three supercars and asking which he should do it in.

The three choices were:

  • Mercedes-AMG GT
  • LaFerrari
  • Ferrari 488 GTB

More than 11,000 retweets and 26,000 favourites later, the debate still rages on.

Clarkson has yet to reveal which car he actually chose, but did report after the drive that he was a “bit sad leaving the place for the final time”.

There were two good things about the last lap though, he added: “It raised a load of cash for a good cause.

“And I did the mother****** of all tail slides through Chicago.”

Racing driver Marino Franchitti and Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason were also there, it was later revealed: Clarkson also drove them around the Top Gear test track before undertaking his final lap.


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