Car child seat confusion

Child car seats confuse 4 in 10 parents

Car child seat confusion

Parents say they are overwhelmed by the number of different child seats on sale – and four in 10 admit they have no idea which seat to buy for their children.

One in 10 says that even once they’ve bought the correct seat, they are not at all confident they will be able to fit it correctly.

“There’s a lot of confusion out there about car seats,” said Vik Barodia, COO of online marketplace heycar, which carried out the research.

“It’s easy to see why parents don’t know what way to turn.”

This is why the marketplace has developed a unique car seat chooser, which Mr Barodia says will “take away the hassle, provide peace of mind and leave families confident in their choice”.

The tool is simple to use (motorists enter the registration number of their car) and lists the exact fit for different car makes and models.

Safety first

Car child seat confusion

Understandably, almost half of parents surveyed said their number one priority when choosing a child car seat was safety.

Being right for their child was next, followed by being good quality, easy to fit and remove, and long-lasting.

Fitting is a particular worry for many, particularly mums, who are less confident than dads.

The survey revealed the average time taken to fit a child car seat is 11 minutes 30 seconds.

Almost one in three parents reckon they can fit a seat in less than five minutes. By contrast, one percent of parents admit fitting their child car seat took more than an hour…


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