BMW 8 Series Coupe at Dingolfing

BMW has started building the new 8 Series Coupe

BMW 8 Series Coupe at DingolfingThe BMW 8 Series is officially back. BMW’s massive plant in Dingolfing, Germany, has at last begun series production of the new 8 Series Coupe, ahead of deliveries beginning later this year.

High standards are guaranteed, reckons BMW: Dingolfing also builds the 5 Series and 7 Series. It will be blended into the line alongside these two cars, although the firm has still invested “three-digit Euros” to bring the long-awaited luxury coupe back to the production line.

Starting production of new models is not quite as simple as it once was, points out BMW. The new 8 Series Coupe, for example, uses steel, plastic, aluminium and carbon fibre in its body construction alone. Aluminium bits include the roof, doors, bonnet, front firewall plus front and rear support structures, while the roof can also be had in carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP).

BMW 8 Series Coupe at Dingolfing

Although this has been a feature of M cars for some time, this is the first time a series production BMW has been offered with a CFRP roof. The item is actually made at the factory too, in a new wet-pressing process.

Those ordering a new 8 Series Coupe will also be able to boast about the new autonomous trains that deliver parts to the production line, and the “collaborative robots” that measure for panel gaps and misalignments (any panel gaps seem a bit off? Blame the ‘bots).

And if you’re ordering a new 8 Series Coupe with any special equipment, you’ll love this: BMW’s equipped Dingolfing workers with smartwatches that buzz an “exotics alarm” when a car with non-standard equipment is coming up the line and needs special attention…

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