Best and worst motorway services revealed

Norton Canes services on the M6 Toll is named England's best motorway services for the second year running, while a new survey also reveals the worst...

Norton Canes is the best motorway services

Norton Canes on the M6 Toll has been named England’s best motorway services for the second year running.

Meanwhile, Westmorland is the best operator, achieving a 97 percent customer satisfaction score across its four sites in Gloucestershire and Cumbria.

Norton Canes is one of six motorway services to receive a near-perfect 99 percent satisfaction report, the others being Heston westbound (M4), Gloucester southbound (M5), Stafford northbound (M6), South Mimms (M25) and Winchester northbound (M3).

At the opposite end of the table, the ageing Severn View on the M48 is named England’s worst motorway services, behind Burtonwood (M62), Cullompton (M5), Frankley southbound (M5) and Charnock Richard southbound (M6).

‘An important safety role’

best and worst motorway services

Anthony Smith, chief executive of Transport Focus, the independent watchdog behind the survey, said: “Motorway users tell us they have a good experience when visiting service areas, but it’s clear that many do not feel the experience is good value for money. They want pleasant, well-maintained facilities with good quality food choices.

“Motorway services continue to play an important safety role providing drivers with the opportunity to take a break. Drivers in the survey confirm they feel less stressed and are more alert after stopping at motorway services.”

The survey asked 11,600 customers about their experience at 111 service areas in England, with visitors voicing their opinions on facilities such as toilets, staffing, food and drink.

Unsurprisingly, just 59 percent of visitors felt that the food and drink they ordered on the motorway represented good value for money. 

A recent survey revealed that service areas are charging up to 37 pence more for a litre of fuel than filling stations located just off the motorway.

More positive is the news that 89 percent of visitors were pleased with the cleanliness of the toilets, and the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff was rated good by 97 percent of motorists.

The top 10 best motorway services in England

Norton Canes motorway services

  1. Norton Canes (M6 Toll)
  2. Heston westbound (M4)
  3. Gloucester southbound (M5)
  4. Stafford northbound (M6)
  5. South Mimms (M25)
  6. Winchester northbound (M3)
  7. Gloucester northbound (M5)
  8. Stafford southbound (M6)
  9. Tibshelf northbound (M1)
  10. Hilton Park southbound (M6)

The 10 worst motorway services in England

Charnock Richard

  1. Severn View (M48)
  2. Burtonwood (M62)
  3. Cullompton (M5)
  4. Frankley southbound (M5)
  5. Charnock Richard southbound (M6)
  6. Charnock Richard northbound (M6)
  7. Blyth (A1 M)
  8. Membury eastbound (M4)
  9. Southwaite northbound (M6)
  10. Sandbach northbound (M6)

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