Revealed: Britain’s best serviced motorways

Is M74 the best motorway

It’s certainly one of the most dramatic motorways in Britain. According to, it’s also one of the most interesting. But is the M74 Britain’s best serviced motorway?

New research suggests that it could be, and there’s a pretty compelling argument to support the claim.

By analysing data on congestion, frequency of motorway services and customer satisfaction at the services, the M74 in Scotland is ranked first, with a score of 91.5 percent.

With six service stations along the 85-mile stretch of M74 and A74(M) between Glasgow and Gretna, the motorway scores top marks for frequency of motorway services. It also scores a near perfect 18.2 (out of 20) for congestion.

M74 motorway in Scotland

The M74 finishes ahead of the A1(M), which scores 20 for congestion, 38.2 (out of 40) for frequency and 30.1 (out of 40) for customer satisfaction.

Meanwhile, the M8 between Edinburgh and Glasgow is ranked bottom. Its caused isn’t helped by the complete absence of proper motorway services, with the Heart of Scotland little more than ”just a large BP garage“.

As anyone who has travelled on the M27 in Hampshire will testify, Rownhams is a place to avoid. The services near Southampton score the lowest mark for congestion and customer satisfaction.

Best (and worst) motorways for services

MotorwayOverall (%)Congestion (out of 20)Frequency (out of 40)Satisfaction (out of 40)
1. M7492184033
2. A1(M)89203831
3. M6 (north of M62)86193630
4. M6 (south of M62)78153330
5. M577163130
6. M476172930
7. M4275113628
8. M1 (south of M6)70132928
9. M236412934
10. M2064142229
11. M62 (east of Pennines)61102031
12. M4061122029
13. M566062430
14. M62 (west of Pennines)5891534
15. M25 (western links)5852032
16. M1 (north of M6)56151329
17. M9539440
18. M24641131
19. M3427727
20. M273701126
21. M25 (eastern links)365526
22. M11322229
23. M8283026

In August, Norton Canes on the M6 Toll was named Britain’s best motorway services by Transport Focus, while Westmorland was named best operator, scoring 97 percent for customer satisfaction across its four sites in Cumbria and Gloucestershire.

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