Motorway at night

80mph now default UK motorway speed limit

Motorway at nightNearly half of cars, motorbikes and vans broke the 70mph UK motorway speed limit in 2013, according to official Department for Transport statistics.

This means the effective default speed limit on Britain’s motorways is now 80mph says the AA – because motorists know they won’t be prosecuted for it.

“One is rarely if ever stopped by the police and prosecuted [for driving at 80mph]”, AA President Edmund King told the Daily Mail. “Therefore it is almost accepted as the common law speed limit.”

There are, however, concerns that because drivers are not being prosecuted for speeding on motorways, they are more willing to break the 30mph speed limit in residential areas – something that is statistically much more dangerous.

“If drivers are of the opinion that there is some flexibility around speed limits, the danger is that when it comes to lower speed limits [motorists will think they can also break that speed limit]… we don’t want drivers to have that same flexibility.”

Lorry speeding leads to limit increase

The government has recently revealed plans to increase the speed limit for HGVs on single carriageway roads from 40mph to 50mph. This follows stats that revealed 73% of lorries broke the current speed limit – compared to 26% for buses and coaches and just 7% for cars.

“The lower level of compliance with [the speed limits] is symptomatic of their being set at the wrong level compared to other limits,” said transport minister Baroness Kramer.

However, despite statistics that show nearly half of motorists speed on motorways, there are no plans to change any other British speed limits: the government’s proposal to increase the motorway speed limit to 80mph will remain shelved.

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  1. James Oswin
    James Oswin says:

    I feel the UK could benefit from Europe by installing velocity controlled traffic signals in specific areas, employing speed / red light cameras to catch those who disobey. The controlled lights can be placed at the most vulnerable areas within low speed limits to ensure those who consistently drive above the set limits, have to slow down, or be stopped and wait for a pre-set time before setting off again, thereby negating the time saved by speeding. Those who ignore completely and drive through could end up with speeding/red light summonses.

  2. James Oswin
    James Oswin says:

    One of the biggest problem areas of driving on motorways, besides roadworks, is the constant HGV overtaking another HGV, travelling at the same speed, thereby blocking the centre lanes and forcing all faster traffic to move to the outside overtaking lanes. A ban on overtaking by HGV’s during peak traffic times would alleviate the constant stop start of this other traffic bulging out towards the outside lane of 3 lane M/ways. Restrict HGVs and PCV to two inner lanes of 4 lane plus m/ways and give HGV;s same speed limits as PCV’s.(ie.60mph)

  3. Jack UK
    Jack UK says:

    The speed limit is far too low on a motorway. I do 40,000 miles a year in my BMW 535d and all too often find that accidents occur because frustrated drivers behind ‘Mr & Mrs Speed Limit’ in his modest priced car with his rear fog lights dazzling you in the rain just won’t move out of your way, and you end up under taking at high speed through sheer frustration. I like to sit at around 100 mph on the motorway and I think that is perfectly safe in a modern quality car with a professional driver driving it.

    • Alan Gale
      Alan Gale says:

      Jack UK you’re a Knob! If you think that it’s OK to travel at 100mph on
      the motorway just because you have a Beemer then you really should not
      be driving! Arrogant attitudes like yours are what causes accidents. You
      claim to be a “Proffessional driver” yet have just admitted that you
      like to drive like a maniac at 100mph and you Undertake! I suggest you
      learn to drive with more care and consideration. Yes it can be
      frustrating when you get stuck behind a Dudley Do-right in the middle
      lane, but you just have to have patience. Something clearly you lack.
      Let us know next time you wish to drive on our roads at that speed and
      I’ll get my wife to send you her business card, …..she’s an
      Undertaker! But her passengers are already on a one way ticket! Oh and
      Just for the record I am a coach driver with over 25 years experience
      and a further 10 years on trucks. I’m also a member of the IAM.

        • Alan Gale
          Alan Gale says:

          100 mph IS a maniacal way to drive on a public highway in the first place! That sort of speed is for track days and trained police officers. (oh not forgetting of course the German Autobahns).Yes we can all drive at that speed if we choose to, but commonsense tells us not to. Most modern cars will easily top a ton, some will even double that, but it doesn’t give one the right to do it. I agree that the 70mph limit is too slow for these modern times, 80 would be a better limit. However 3 figure speeds on a road system that was never designed for it, (and in many places is too congested to do it), is just highly irresponsible. What Jack also appears to have forgotten is that a lot of other motorists just cannot react fast enough to a fast moving vehicle approaching from behind, (if indeed they actually see him) I’m referring to the millions of OAPs who use our roads and who’s perceptions are not as sharp as they once were. At 100 mph neither Jack nor an elderly motorist would have enough time to react to the situation. It’s an accident waiting to happen.

          • Murray Snudge
            Murray Snudge says:

            Alan, thank you for the reply and you do make some good points about other motorists but you also claimed that Jack admitted to ‘undertaking’ which he didn’t – what he said was:
            “…. all too often find that accidents occur because frustrated drivers behind ‘Mr & Mrs Speed Limit’ in his modest priced car with his rear fog lights dazzling you in the rain just won’t move out of your way, and you end up under taking at high speed through sheer frustration”
            He didn’t say he did it – he said others did it.
            He also said that he liked to sit around 100mph on the motorway but he didn’t say he did that all the time. Perhaps he only does that on a clear empty motorway at 3am? He may well be a more experienced and more competent driver than the trained police officers you referred to – a 10 week police training course which only teaches the basics. What cannot be taught is experience which I’m sure with your qualifications you will agree with.
            I hope you and me will agree that it is speed in the wrong place that is dangerous and not the speed in itself.
            No, I don’t drive at excessive speeds myself – I drive a 23 year old Ford Escort diesel car.

          • Alan Gale
            Alan Gale says:

            I agree that it’s not the speed that is dangerous but the misuse of it. That said, screaming down an empty motorway at over a ton can be fun, ( did it myself when I was a teenager) however when you hit a wandering badger at that speed it really is bad news for both the badger and your car! ( That’s how I found out!) The impression Jack gives to people is that he is a complete snob simply because he drives a beemer and everyone else is frustrating him in their “modest priced cars”! It’s as though he thinks he’s better than everyone else, ie , extremely arrogant. I feel he will only learn his lesson when he has a serious accident that deprives him of his BMW, but hopefully not anyone else! I too drive a diesel, a 6 month old FIAT 500L mpv. It’s not the fastest car I’ve ever owned but that is irrelevant, It does what I need it to do and is quick enough when it needs to be. In the past I’ve owned a 3 litre Capri, An MG Maestro EFI and Volvo 760 Turbo, not to mention several Mini Coopers and other fast movers. But as we both agree Murray, It’s not the speed but the misuse of it that can be the problem. Maybe Jack should explain himself as the statement he has put makes him appear to be a complete pratt. I don’t profess to be a perfect driver, but I am a very experienced one and have seen and experienced the consequenses of excessive speed. I also worked for a funeral directors for a while (not my wifes company) and believe me, seeing some of the shattered bodies we had to pick up is a very sobering sight. Even more distressing for the family affected. ( One accident was a young 18 year old girl who’s parents had bought her a 2 litre car for her birthday, She and her mates had gone out for a celebration that very evening, We were called to remove the bodies from the burned out car once the fire brigade had got it from around the tree! There is nothing worse than the smell of burnt bodies! We later learnt that the car had been doing around 65mph in a 50 zone. You can imagine how her parents must have felt.) It’s not the speed that kills you, it’s the sudden stop that does the damage.

          • Asher Wakefield
            Asher Wakefield says:

            Please now allow a relatively new driver to wade into this; I am a 20-year old male who has now been driving for 2 1/2 years. I accept limits of 30/40/50 on motorways and other roads are there for a reason, and should be obeyed. I do a 185-mile journey to my student house in Wales 8 times a year and have consistently done 75-80mph. I am a careful driver (for my premium and safety of others..) And have not had an accident to date.. There is nothing dangerous about driving at that speed where conditions allow from my perspective, and was disappointed when the limit wasn’t raised to 80 because the old transport secretary said more patrols and cameras would have to go up. What has happened since 2012? More cameras, more patrols and yet we still have a 70mph limit which half of the motoring public still regularly ignore.. Unrestricted motorways in the UK is unviable, but if the government wants to grow the economy, they have to realise that the motorways have to run faster than 70 for it to happen…

          • Mike Law
            Mike Law says:

            I don’t drive on PUBLIC roads at 100mph. I can tell you now though that driving at 100mph in a very modern car of today. Doesn’t in any way feel maniacal. In fact cars today have excellent control at high speeds. I mean, drive an old beat up 20 year old car at 100 mph and everything is shaking, nothing feels safe. Cars today, you don’t even realise the speed your going, everything feels so smooth, brakes are much better stopping distance is much smaller than older cars etc… etc…. etc….

            Not to say that driving 100mph is legal or right when the law says it isn’t. However i think you blew your response way way out of proportion. I take it you haven’t driven any fast modern cars, try a track day. 🙂

          • alan Gale
            alan Gale says:

            Actually , Yes I have! I also used to Rally Driving and Grass track racing. I know perfectly well how modern cars react and perform, however as I said earlier. Whilst you and I may be perfectly comfortable driving at high speed, its the others around you that cannot always react in the expected fashion. My old man now is 86 years old and drove HGVs for over 40 years, the trouble is now that although he’s retired he still drives as though he’s behind the wheel of his truck! We’ve all told him to stop driving but he likes his independence. His spacial awareness is shot and he rarely wears a seat belt. In short he shouldn’t be on the road, however the law still allows him to so he is. It’s people like my Dad that will do the unexpected, and you have to be damn sure that if you are going to drive at high speed you leave enough room to stop rapidly or take avoiding action when you need to. Only a few years ago I was with my family heading south on the M1 in a Fiesta when I was suddenly confronted with some pratt in a Volvo reversing towards me up the outside lane as he had probably missed his junction! It was only my reactions and those of the Transit driver in the middle lane who moved over that saved our lives! The closing speed must have been well over 90mph. As I said, It’s not the speed that’s the problem, it’s knowing when it’s appropriate. It’s also having a good knowledge of how your vehicle will perform in any given situation.

    • Campbells Transport
      Campbells Transport says:

      Lol typical bmw cockatoo professional drivers don’t brag about it. 100mph in the rain? Undertaking a car doing the speed limit? That makes an idiotic driver even in a fiat uno

    • ScaredAmoeba
      ScaredAmoeba says:

      The problem with speed, is that while cars have improved, drivers are still people and indistinguishable from peasants in the middle-ages. If you drive at 100mph in the UK, you are a criminal.

  4. James
    James says:

    Does professional mean an advanced driving qualification, or just constant motorway user of many years. 40k of miles per year does not necessarily make a professional driver. HGV drivers are supposed to be professional, but look at some of their bad habits, not all, but a large number.
    Undertaking is illegal and however frustrated a driver is, it is not ‘professional’ to undertake particularly at those higher speeds, no matter what. Whilst I agree the motorway speed limit is too low at 70 mph, 100mph is too high, unless the driver is adequately trained and qualified to be competent at that and higher speeds. lower speed limits bunch drivers together, look at American highways, where some engage in conversations in lanes travelling at 55mph. Look at the M25 and other motorways with variable limits when the incident they were covering has long since passed, but still showing lower limits. The whole system of road speed limits need reviewing by competent people, based on facts and figures, not on public outcry.

    • Jimbo Colli
      Jimbo Colli says:

      Spend a year with fire service, It don’t matter how many miles a year you drive, when you hit a tree at 100 mph the tree always wins.

  5. Stephen Boraston
    Stephen Boraston says:

    Truckers are a nightmare, they travel behind each other in a state of auto-pilot with0.2secs in between, many less than 5mtrs, dangerous very! Also they pull out at 0.1mph faster with yourself coming up at 30mph faster, it takes them 1 mile to get past each other, why overtake?, they have to stop as per law for rest breaks. To help congestion STOP all HGV movement between 7.30-8.30am and 5-6pm let them rest while peak hour traffic can move faster and more freely, why?, most accidents are when just going to work or leaving work heading home and most people are inpatient!!! Easy

    • Tom Bell
      Tom Bell says:

      If a truck is overtaking a slower vehicle by using the middle lane, just use the outside lane to pass. If you are a competent driver you should be able to see the road ahead and see when you are likely to need to pull out to pass. You complain about waiting behind a truck ( presumably because you are too stupid to be able to filter into the outside lane ) , for a minute while they overtake. Well I regularly get stuck behind cars hogging the middle lane doing 47 mph ( because the temporary speed limit is 50 with cameras and they don’t want to risk going over it, often slowing down further each time they see one of the cameras ). Refusing to move over to let people pass, and some vehicles aren’t allowed in the outside lane to pass them. It is common for the same car to sit in the middle lane for the full length of the roadworks, which can be 20 miles. It isn’t surprising some lorries and coaches get frustrated and pass on the nearside.

    • Christopher Yallop
      Christopher Yallop says:

      You haven’t got a clue about hgvs , if I was you I would not state anything else, you are just a tipical moron in a little car who thinks he knows everything well go and take the hgv test and I bet you will fail
      In fact I’d probably be there watching you fail

  6. fiona
    fiona says:

    I went on motorways last night and it was my third time in the 3yrs I’ve been driving. I had the instinct to do 70mph but everyone around were travelling 80ish so I figured it can’t be illegal. It was a good steady flow so why not change it to 80mph. In the end common sense should kick in and you should travel at a speed suitable to weather conditions and traffic. What really got me was the 50mph signs in places which no one heeded.

  7. Joyce Chadwick
    Joyce Chadwick says:

    Modern cars are built for at least 80 mph on motorways that aren’t clogged up by traffic so why not make it official? When there are roadworks with long 40/50mph limit but at weekends or overnight when there are no workmen present why does the speed limit still remain on that stretch of road? Do static roadside speed cameras still function or have they been mothballed?

  8. Derek
    Derek says:

    Take a lesson from the Germans; when it is safe the autobahn is unrestricted, everyone knows this and keeps out of the overtaking lanes other than when overtaking. When there is speed limit it is for a good reason and the drivers obey it knowing that it will last only for the duration of the danger. In the UK we now commonly close stretches of motorway because a vehicle is broken down on the hard shoulder or we restrict speed to 40mph for mile after mile of empty carriageway for a small repair on a tiny piece of road. The traffic seems to be managed by over enthusiastic health & safety decisions, the emphasis should be on keeping the traffic moving at a safe and reasonable speed.

  9. Damian
    Damian says:

    Speed limits, fines and summons will never change driver’s offensive attitudes.
    Taking into account that Germany has basically speed limits far above the average in Europe and got nine neighbours traveling through it, it got in ratio far less traffic death rate than the UK.

  10. Nick
    Nick says:

    Motorways in the UK should be exactly the same as the German Autobahns. The police go on about ‘exceeding the speed limit’, eg say 80 to 90 mph that they may feel the need to pull you over. The key point is the conditions of the road. If you are on motorway doing 90 mph yet there is not a car in site or you are more than several car lengths from the driver in front of you, then someone please explain to me what the problem is? Accidents tend to happen when not looking in the mirrors or cutting someone up but as long as you are vigilante about the road conditions ahead then the law should be changed. Cars are also built differently this day and age and have more responsive brakes if the need to slow down becomes sudden.

  11. Peter Lewis
    Peter Lewis says:

    I still thought our legal speed limit on a Motorway was 70mph, exceed it as most drivers appear to be doing and expect to get pulled over sometime during your driving career.

    If a Traffic Policeman is looking for someone to pull over or routinely question, as some Police authorities are known to do, why give them an excuse with excess speed.

    You would not normally exceed the 30mph speed limit in a known area where Camera vans or Traffic Police are known to hang out, so why do it on the Motorway.

    Modern cars are far more safe than they were a decade or more ago, but excess speed kills.

    The limit is 70 mph. Keep to It.

    • Victor Grasscourt
      Victor Grasscourt says:

      The 70 mph motorway speed limit was introduced by Transport Minister Barbara Castle, who did not even drive a car. More danger is caused by ignorant motorists hogging the middle lanes, than travelling at 80 mph or more. Motorways are the safest roads.

      Since the 60’s when cars had drum brakes all round and crossply tyres, modern vehicles are equipped with ABS, far grippier low profile radial tyres with advanced compounds, electronic anti skid protection, and now standard equipment can include Blind Spot Warning (BLIS), plus to achieve the latest five star NCAP rating – autonomous braking.

      The 70 mph speed limit is a relic of the 60’s. The game has moved on long ago.

      • Polly 'pj' Hawcroft
        Polly 'pj' Hawcroft says:

        Someone driving in the middle lane at the speed limit is NOT a lane hog. Though you’d be forgiven for thinking that anyone daring to actually stay safe and follow a few rules(not just because they are rules but because they have proven to be sensible)is dangerous rather than considerate. I drive a shitty little car, and recognise that it cannot nip in and out of lanes that easily. As a result I have to take extra time and effort to make sure my driving is smooth and fluid and that I anticipate impatient and bullying drivers because they will take one look at my car and try to force me out of the way, even when I am doing 80mph!
        The problems always come at points like approaching a slip road packed with cars that want to move over, I want to let them out, but it might have taken me a few minutes to get my little car to a comfortable 75mph and rather than applying the brakes I will check the middle lane for space and move out for a while until the slip road is in my mirror. What usually happens though is that those in faster, more intimidating cars will move into the middle lane and zoom past at 100mph or just refuse to let me out despite my indicating(which noone seems to do anymore either). Instead of moving their cars out to the clear fast lane and anticipating the slip road hazards they just force me to slow right down and get stuck.
        I understand how annoying it can be to be stuck behind a unnecessarily slow or hesitant driver who IS hogging the lane, maybe because they’re on the phone or using cruise control and have forgotten to look around and remember where they are for several minutes, I want to get where I’m going too. But I believe that most people who drive at higher speeds are unable to anticipate the dangers fast enough at those speeds and if anything was to happen suddenly, they would go face first into a pile-up.
        I have over 15yrs experience on UK roads and have driven a variety of cars, and it’s true that if you drive a ‘modestly priced’ car you get bullied and ignored and treated like a roadblock whether you take time to observe the speed limit or drive at 90mph.
        Being a slow driver is not as much of a problem as being an unobservant/oblivious driver.

        • Greedy
          Greedy says:

          Agree with every thing you say except: – Someone driving in the middle lane at the speed limit is NOT a lane hog – Sorry but you are wrong here, if you are not approaching or overtaking another vehicle, or if vehicle approaching from behind will not pass before you need to pull back out then sitting in either over taking lane means legally you can be prosecuted for lane hogging.

          • Polly 'pj' Hawcroft
            Polly 'pj' Hawcroft says:

            There is a difference between ‘sitting in the lane’ and moving into the lane to preemptively avoid traffic or positive action to allow drivers to filter from a slip road. If you move out with a clear lane behind you, then anyone approaching you can choose to move out into the right hand lane if you’re not quite at their speed. In that case you are making a decision to overtake obstacles, and then move back into the left lane when you are able.
            Just sitting in the middle lane constantly so you don’t have to bother with any sort of observation, effort or lane changes IS bad and should be cautioned. I just don’t believe it’s worth the time and effort of prosecution frankly. I do believe that motorway driving should be included in the driving test however.

  12. Simon Hughes
    Simon Hughes says:

    There is nothing new regarding the 80 mph speed argument. The Government unfortunately for the greater majority of drivers do not recognise the antiquated 70mph model. Most arguments revolve around old data collected from America where the federal Government imposed their 55mph speed limits on freeways. If, anyone cares to actually drive in America they will find that this is no longer the case in the majority of states who have passed their own legislation and increased these freeway speed limits to 70mph. Research shows us that drivers think that they are better than they actually are due to such variables as experience/age and gender. But where is the sense of putting a 40mph speed limit on a stretch of motorway for a broken down vehicle which is safely parked on the hard shoulder? This automatically aggravates the driver whose driving manner is then impaired. Or when you are driving on a stretch of motorway where the speed limit changes on every mile from an initial 30mph to 40mph back to 30mph etc only to find that there is no accident/incident to warrant such actions. We as drivers are being treated as children, incapable of making correct decisions. Well just because someone else puts they hand in the fire do you think i’m stupid enough to copy such actions? The overwhelming evidence for an increase to 80mph on all motorways is suffocating. It is only being held back due to irrational arguments being put forward by organisations such as Brake who would gladly see us all back riding horses, that is until one starts galloping!!!!!

  13. Charles Loft
    Charles Loft says:

    Undertaking is not and has never has been illegal. Drivers are ‘advised’ to avoid doing this in the Highway code, but there is no MUST NOT involved. If a driver will not pull over, is obstructing the public highway and is thus driving without due care and consideration there may be little choice but to undertake.

  14. Charles Loft
    Charles Loft says:

    P.S. Please can the government BAN lorries overtaking uphill (they do this on many fast roads in France)

  15. Victor Grasscourt
    Victor Grasscourt says:

    Why don’t the controllers who operate the overhead information lights on motorways put up the message “keep left unless overtaking”? Instead you get “Think Bike”.

    • kieran leonard
      kieran leonard says:

      because these rules are learned before we get our driving license.
      STUPID people like yourself would have everything labelled up with a thousand warnings and reminders.
      “Knife – do not stab yourself in the neck”
      “Cliff – do not jump”

      Signs like these dont help. if anything they make people zombies and disregard the rules they know.

  16. Brian Hunt
    Brian Hunt says:

    I think it high past time that our motorway speed limit was increased to a maximum of 90 MPH not 80.
    I may be that drivers should undertake a high performance course before being allowed to drive at these speeds but more importantly vehicles should be in an approved category to be capable of sustained high speeds.

    There should also be a minimum speed limit in middle and outside lanes

  17. Bob
    Bob says:

    Thing is drivers will always push the limits. If it’s raised to 80 then they will try and get away with 90, after time 90 will then become average. Then the speed limit will go up to 90 and they will push to get away with 100. Whatever the limit is set to the majority will know they will be able to push it by 5 or 10 mph with no speeding ticket.

  18. Christopher Yallop
    Christopher Yallop says:

    Have been reading through a lot of the posts on here , and quite generally I think you should all join the complainers club , for starters where hgvs are concerned unless you have driven a 44 tonne lorry you haven’t got a clue what you are running on about , I know nowadays a lot of these drivers are under pressure from there firms for best fuel economy and if in cruise control they like to keep it at one speed for as long as possible which with cars going along going up and down in speed all the time is very annoying and will cause them to take over , but as for the speed on motorways the current speed limit is quick enough , and if anything more speed cameras need to be put in places on a lot of Britain’s roads and if a proposal goes ahead there will be speed cameras put into hgvs as most of them are using cameras already, I have a few of them myself and have caught 566 speeding motorists on camera in under a year

  19. SFGuru
    SFGuru says:

    I read with mixed emotions the discussions on this page and so I thought it might be fun to add my point of view. I have in the past reviewed vehicles for certain magazines – before most of them had a web presence. The UK motorway speed limit has been an issue for as long as I remember and the UK public seem fond of breaking it. Playing devils advocate here, I would like to make a few points.
    At 80mph, all cars use significantly more fuel than at 70mph. The amount can be higher than 15%. Work that out over a long motorway journey. It may be just as safe to drive at 80mph as it is at 70mph – but not for the environment or our bank balances. Saying that, I think an 80mph limit is an acceptable idea – but with caveats.
    My ideas are these: Inside lane limit is 60mph, middle lane limit is 70mph and outer lane limit is 80mph. Where there are four lanes on a motorway, the inside two lanes are limited to 60mph.
    This will effectively stop a lot of lorries overtaking, will make life safer for vehicles coming in off a slip road and allow less powerful cars to feel safer. HOWEVER, this will only work if we impose another rule on lorries over 7 tonnes. That rule must be that when traveling above 50mph, all lorries should leave a distance of no less than two lorry lengths between themselves and other large vehicles such as lorries or coaches. Experienced drivers can do this easily.
    Coaches should also be limited to the inner two lanes by law. Sadly I have seen coaches and double decker buses in the outside lanes of motorways. It isn’t fun to watch and its extremely dangerous.
    As I said, these are just my points and opinions. Modern speed cameras can cope with the changes and I think lorry drivers can too.
    Finally, if you have ever wondered why some lorries stick so close to the ones in front, I have the answer. A friend of mine who drives 60000 miles a year as a HGV driver freely admitted it. He said it’s so they can benefit from the slip stream that the lorry in front creates. Personally, I thought that in order to benefit from that slipstream you had to be less than three metres away – but apparently I am wrong.

  20. Terry
    Terry says:

    I agree with people talking about HGV drivers overtaking each other at 0.1mph faster. Try following some of these idiots on the two lane sections of the M11 on the uphill parts. Great. Idiots!!

  21. Mike Law
    Mike Law says:

    Driving tests should be much much tougher… Anyone that already passed test before any changes made should have to sit new tests.

    Drivers should have EXTENSIVE car control lessons in ALL WEATHER conditions. Drivers over 50-60+ should have MANDATORY resits of driving tests to see if they are even capable of driving especially due to any health conditions.

    The majority of people crashing a car due to speeding can barely handle the car they are driving anyway.

    And also, why? oh why? even build ROAD cars that can do well over the speed limit anyway.

    It’s like handing out guns to poor people walking into banks and saying please act responsibility, knowing full well some people will use them to rob the place.

  22. Jimbo Colli
    Jimbo Colli says:

    Back in the 50s & 60s there was no speed limit on the motorways, we used to go from Watford to Watford Gap flat out on motorcycles, in them days not only did the motorways had no lights there was no barriers, I look back and think how stupid we were.

  23. rob f
    rob f says:

    just this morning i got a notice of prosecution for doing 81mph on the A3(M).. so i wouldnt put too much credence on 80mph being the default limit. 🙁

  24. Peter Lewis
    Peter Lewis says:

    The Government are losing out in a big way.
    The fact that many people are still exceeding the legal 70mph speed limit, indicates that they feel its safe to do so,

    It may appear to be safe, but its still breaking the law.
    Install speed cameras every few miles, and then those caught on camera, can have their fine and points sent automatically through the post.

    Most will wonder why on earth, they are being prosecuted.

    When they realise they were going faster than the legal limit of 70mph, then maybe some will slow down.

    When one is stopped for speeding in a 30mph area, one grimly accepts the £100 fine and three points.

    Why should it be different if the many thousands of drivers get automatically fined for exceeding 70mph on the motorway.

    The law says its 70 on the motorway, stick to that limit.

    • rose white
      rose white says:

      On the other hand maybe a better idea would be a set of smart mini traffic lights on all vehicles that go red at plus 30 in 30 zones, plus 50 in 50, plus 70 on motorways etc so the speed cams have perfect proof of speeding.
      The smart lights could be triggered to light when on roads with posted speed limits?

      • Barry Turner
        Barry Turner says:

        Pesonally i think we should be like germany and have no limit on motorways but make stricter safety rules for cars. Lets face it you dont hear of nasty motorway pile ups there. I am however annoyed on a regular basis by the utter morons that speed in towns and villages often with a mobile phone stuck to their ear, in these cases they should impose much tougher penalties and if needed increasing prison sentences or permanent driving bans.

  25. SickPrid3
    SickPrid3 says:

    How about set it to 80 and prosecute everyone going over 85? And i mean real 85, not the 85 shown on car speedometer.
    Car speedometer can be off by as much as +10% but can never show less than actual speed. All manufacturers do that for legal reasons.

  26. Alan Murray
    Alan Murray says:

    The speeding laws are great and should be strictly adhered to particularly in built up areas, however the motorway limits in the UK are one of the lowest in Europe and as stated most drivers dont stick to 70mph Why is there no restrictions for certain sizes of cars ? it must be safer to drive a Porsche Carrera Turbo or BMW M3 at 80mph versus a nissan micra or similar ?? I was doing around 68mph on a wet and windy day on the M74 the other day and i lost count of how many trucks and small cars hurtled passed me , i have a very high powered new BMW with x-drive and could very comfortably drive at 80 + but i dont want any fines or endorsements, however i seem to be in the minority or do motorists not get fined for traveling at say 75mph even in a Micra !??

  27. Alan Murray
    Alan Murray says:

    The speeding laws are great and should be strictly adhered to particularly in built up areas, however the motorway limits in the UK are one of the lowest in Europe and as stated most drivers dont stick to 70mph Why is there no restrictions for certain sizes of cars ? it must be safer to drive a Porsche Carrera Turbo or BMW M3 at 80mph versus a nissan micra or similar ?? I was doing around 68mph on a wet and windy day on the M74 the other day and i lost count of how many trucks and small cars hurtled passed me , i have a very high powered new BMW with x-drive and could very comfortably drive at 80 + but i dont want any fines or endorsements, however i seem to be in the minority or do motorists not get fined for traveling at say 75mph even in a Micra !??


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