You can now reserve a new Honda e for £800

Honda has taken a leaf out of Tesla's book and opened reservations for the new Honda e electric car, ahead of first deliveries beginning from spring 2020

Honda e in Charge YellowHonda has opened reservations for its new Honda e electric car, with Brits able to secure their place in the queue for an £800 deposit.

A special online reservation website has been set up to process the priority orders for the Honda e – and the firm adds the £800 fee is fully refundable if people later change their minds.  

First deliveries are expected from spring 2020.

Honda e in Crystal Blue Metallic

“We are delighted to be offering a reservation option to our customers in select European markets for the first time with the Honda e,” said Jean-Marc Streng from Honda Motor Europe.

“The Honda e in prototype form has received an overwhelming response and with over 25,000 registrations of interest across Europe, customers now have the opportunity to secure priority status to order the model”. 

Honda UK head of car Phil Webb added that “UK customers are leading the charge by being among the first in Europe to reserve their priority status to order the Honda e”.

Already, more than 6,000 Brits have officially expressed interest in the new Honda e.

Honda e electric city car

EV trend-setters can choose from five Honda e colours:

  • Platinum White Metallic
  • Crystal Black Pearl
  • Crystal Blue Metallic
  • Modern Steel Metallic
  • Charge Yellow

The firm isn’t yet ready to reveal full technical details, but does say the car will deliver an electric driving range of over 125 miles.

A battery charge to 80 percent capacity will take 30 minutes thanks to ‘fast charge’ capability.

What we don’t yet know is how much the Honda e will cost – although it is unlikely to be cheap. Project leader Kohei Hitomi compared the new model to an Apple iPhone during discussions with Motoring Research.

A list price of over £30,000 for the new Honda e city car is thus predicted by most analysts. 

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