The Volkswagen Golf Match returns (again) to save buyers more than £300

2019 Volkswagen Golf MatchA clear sign that a new Volkswagen Golf is due in 2019 is the return of its long-running value-packed runout special, the Golf Match.

On sale now, with prices from £20,545, the Golf Match replaces both SE and SE Navigation versions in the line-up.

Ordering is open now.

2019 Volkswagen Golf Match

Standard equipment includes a new type of 16-inch alloy wheel, front fog lights, tinted rear glass and Discover Navigation. Factor in revised list prices and Volkswagen reckons it will save customers more than £300.

2019 Volkswagen Golf Match

The Golf Match is offered in both hatchback, estate and Golf SV MPV guise: savings for the load-lugging wagon rise to more than £400 compared to the old Golf Estate SE.

Volkswagen UK head of marketing, Geraldine Ingham, said: “The Golf is hugely popular here. Indeed, it is the second-best selling car in the UK in 2018 and offering extra value through these equipment upgrades is sure to make it even more attractive.”

Engine choices for the VW Golf Match include 1.0 TSI 115, 1.5 TSI 130 and 150, 1.6 TDI 115 and 2.0 TDI 150. Deliveries are expected from January 2019.

2019 Volkswagen Golf Match prices

Golf Match hatch

EngineTransmissionNo. of doorsPower (PS)CO2 emissions (g/km)Price
1.0 TSI6-spd manual3115109£20,545
1.0 TSI6-spd manual5115109£21,200
1.0 TSI7-spd auto DSG5115109£22,615
1.5 TSI EVO6-spd manual3130113£21,585
1.5 TSI EVO6-spd manual5130113£22,240
1.5 TSI EVO7-spd auto DSG5130111£23,655
1.5 TSI EVO6-spd manual3150119£23,015
1.5 TSI EVO6-spd manual5150119£23,015
1.5 TSI EVO7-spd auto DSG5150116£24,430
1.6 TDI6-spd manual3115108£22,140
1.6 TDI6-spd manual5115108£22,795
1.6 TDI7-spd auto DSG5115104£24,210


Golf Match estate

EngineTransmissionNo. of doorsPower (PS)CO2 emissions (g/km)Price (OTR RRP)
1.0 TSI6-spd manual5115111£22,420
1.0 TSI7-spd auto DSG5115112£23,835.00
1.5 TSI EVO6-spd manual5130113£23,440
1.5 TSI EVO7-spd auto DSG5130111£24,855
1.5 TSI EVO6-spd manual5150119£24,215
1.5 TSI EVO7-spd auto DSG5150116£25,630
1.6 TDI6-spd manual5115108£23,995
1.6 TDI7-spd auto DSG5115107£25,410


Golf Match SV

EngineTransmissionNo. of doorsPower (PS)CO2 emissions (g/km)Price (OTR RRP)
1.0 TSI6-spd manual5115113£22,780
1.0 TSI7-spd auto DSG5115112£24,195
1.5 TSI EVO6-spd manual5130115£24,120
1.5 TSI EVO7-spd auto DSG5130115£25,515
1.5 TSI EVO7-spd auto DSG5150121£26,445
1.6 TDI6-spd manual5115113£24,655
1.6 TDI7-spd auto DSG5115108£26,030
2.0 TDI7-spd auto DSG5150120£27,470


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