This is how London taxi drivers responded to our story about Toyota Prius Uber drivers

A freedom of information investigation by Motoring Research recently revealed that the most popular car for private hire drivers in London is the Toyota Prius.

Yesterday, we ran a blog post pointing out the advantages of this. We argued that “If each of these Toyota Prius models were replaced with the latest Euro 6 TX4 black cabs, which emit 222g/km CO2, carbon dioxide emissions from these drivers would more than double.”

Taxi drivers aren’t a bunch to shy away from confrontation, so many have taken to Twitter to make their point of view and pick holes in our argument. In a bid to show both sides of the story, we thought we’d publish the responses here.

Some pointed out that Uber drivers are increasing congestion on London roads

Others questioned whether we were harsh on ‘old black cabs’

(Regulations introduced by Boris Johnson enforce a 15-year age limit on black cabs)

While others pointed out that most Uber drivers are not qualified to drive black cabs

And some even brought up the Volkswagen ‘dieselgate’ emissions scandal

But zero-emission black cabs ARE on their way

(Yes – regulations previously announced by Transport for London state that, as of 2018, all new taxis registered in London must be ‘zero emission capable’ – i.e. a hybrid capable of running under electric power alone when in high-pollution areas of the capital.)

It’s the debate that’s set to continue – traditional London cabbies are calling for stronger regulations on Uber drivers, while Uber-supporters claim private hire cars are more efficient, cheaper and safer.

Whose side are you on? Leave a comment below or tweet us @editorial_MR.