Rolls-Royce rebrand redesigns Spirit of Ecstasy

Rolls-Royce has rebranded as part of its move from simply being an automotive brand into a “house of luxury”

Rolls-Royce new brand identity

Rolls-Royce has revealed a new brand identity – and a redesign of its famous Spirit of Ecstasy figure – as part of its evolution from mere automotive manufacturer into “the world’s leading house of luxury”.

It’s a step on from simply building the ‘best car in the world’ and is the next stage in the rapid growth and development of the Goodwood, England-based brand.

This expansion has seen the average age of a Rolls-Royce customer fall significantly to 43 years.

Now the firm is aiming to capitalise on this more youthful customer base with an overall brand refresh and refocus.

Rolls-Royce new brand identity

Part of it is getting Rolls-Royce ready for its increased digital presence. The old 3D artwork is out, replaced by a simplified, ‘flat’ R-R logo.

The brand now has a purple signature colour, depicting luxury, which will be offset with rose gold foil in printed communications.

The famous Sprit of Ecstasy has also been refreshed and simplified (in 2D form, she also faces right rather than left, “facing the future”), again so it works better in digital media.

Rolls-Royce new brand identity

London’s Pentagram agency was appointed to lead the redesign. Partner Marina Willer oversaw the project.

“What soon became apparent is that Rolls-Royce has evolved from being regarded as an automotive manufacturer into a leading light in the world of luxury.

“We needed to present Rolls-Royce in a forward-facing, fresh and relevant way – speaking to new audiences while respecting the company’s loyal clients.”

Rolls-Royce new brand identity

As she does not have an automotive background, “this vantage point provided me with the opportunity to observe Rolls-Royce as a manufacturer of luxury products”.

The brand redesign “celebrates the luxuriousness of the brand while providing it with the means to visually communicate with Rolls-Royce’s younger, increasingly diversified audiences”.

The new brand ID and communications style will be rolled out from next month – timed to coincide with the first new Rolls-Royce to be launched using the revised visual language: the new Ghost.


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