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Coronavirus: London Congestion Charge and ULEZ are FREE; parking rules RELAXED

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has suspended the Congestion Charge during the coronavirus outbreak to help health workers avoid public transport and get to work.

London ULEZ exemption expires BEFORE expansion. Who has to pay?

The ULEZ spreads from central London out to the North and South Circular perimeter roads in 2021. What will this mean for people living in the larger zone?

London ULEZ charge: How to check if you need to pay

The London Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) is designed to improve air quality by charging certain vehicles to enter the city. We explain how it works.

Truckers: Oxford zero-emissions zone is ‘absurd’

The proposed Oxford zero-emissions zone (ZEZ) is being is described as “absurd” by Richard Burnett, the Road Haulage Association’s chief executive

Oxford to get UK’s first Zero Emission Zone THIS YEAR

Oxfordshire County Council and Oxford City Council have revealed plans to open the country’s first Zero Emission Zone (ZEZ) in the city.

2021 London ULEZ expansion: motorists are already searching for compliant cars

Londoners are looking for ULEZ-compliant cars ahead of the zone expanding in October 2021 from the C charge area, to the North and South Circular roads

Driving in London at Christmas: how to avoid charges

Many are planning trips to London over Christmas for shopping, social occasions and more. How much will it cost, and how can you save?

London scrappage scheme extended to low-income motorists

Low-income and disabled motorists will now be able to take advantage of the London ULEZ scrappage scheme, which has been expanded and extended.

Pollution charges boost London air quality by a third

Toxicity and Ultra Low Emission Zone charges have kept polluting cars away from the capital and reduced nitrogen oxide levels significantly.