Jag queens: Jaguar teams up with drag acts for charity

Jag-racing drag racers

Jaguar has partnered up with Attitude magazine to launch an online mini-series with ‘the world’s most fabulous drag queens’. The aim is to raise funds for LGBTQ+ charities.

The ‘Jag Queens’ will be going head to head, racing Jaguar I-Pace SUVs. The first face-off, between Courtney Act, star of RuPaul’s Drag Race, and The Vivienne, has already taken place. 

The contestants are racing a quarter-mile for the top prize of £10,000 for their chosen charity. Everyone’s a winner, though – the runner-up will be get £6,000, while the remaining contestants will each receive £2,000.

Jag-racing drag racers

Not to spoil things too much, but the race doesn’t sound like a close one.

“I can’t tell you the exhilaration I felt when I zoomed across the finish line, but then I realised you hadn’t even started,” said Courtney to The Vivienne. “You didn’t even get to drive the car…do you even have a licence?”

“I think I misunderstood when they said it was an electric car,” said The Vivienne. “I thought you could just get in and it just went. I have a license for some things, but not driving.”

Jag-racing drag racers

Hosted by Channel 4’s Drag SOS star, Cheddar Gorgeous, the next heat is due out on October 3 at 9am UK time. Taking part are Peppermint, also a RuPaul veteran, and Miss Tickle, a contestant on BBC Three’s forthcoming North East Premier Show Girl series.

The winner will be facing off against Courtney Act in the final heat for the overall win, due for broadcast October 7 at 9am.

The chosen charities are the Albert Kennedy Trust, Stonewall Community Foundation, Sahir House and Angle Trust. Fans can donate, with money being split equally between the four charities.

Jaguar I-Pace wants to redefine car

Jaguar wants to redefine the word ‘car’

Jaguar I-Pace wants to redefine carJaguar has submitted a formal application to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) and Oxford Dictionaries to change the official online definition of the word ‘car’.

It wants the online definitions updated to include a reference to additional powertrains, including electric vehicles. This may or may not have something to do with the fact that it has launched the I-Pace all-electric SUV and is preparing to launch an electric version of the XJ saloon.

David Browne, head of Jaguar Land Rover’s naming committee, said: “A lot of time and thought is put into the name of any new vehicle or technology to ensure it is consumer friendly, so it’s surprising to see that the definition of the car is a little outdated.

“We are therefore inviting the Oxford English Dictionary and the Oxford Dictionaries to update its online classification to reflect the shift from traditional internal combustion engines towards more sustainable powertrains.”

Presently, the OED defines a ‘car’ as ‘a road vehicle powered by a motor (usually an internal combustion engine) designed to carry a driver and a small number of passengers, and usually having two front and two rear wheels, esp. for private, commercial, or leisure use.’

The Oxford Dictionaries definition is similar: ‘A road vehicle, typically with four wheels, powered by an internal combustion engine and able to carry a small number of people.’

Vroom vroom

Vroom vroom

Of course, there are other online definitions to consider. For example, the Urban Dictionary offers multiple definitions, including: ‘A people shell with four wheels’, ‘Something that goes vroom vroom’ and ‘Men’s best companion’.

There are a couple of others, but these aren’t necessarily safe for work.

Jaguar is asking people to “get behind the campaign” by using the hashtag #RedefineTheCar on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Now probably isn’t the time to point Jaguar in the direction of the Urban Dictionary’s top definition for ‘electric car’.

‘Yet another marketing scam to disguise something as environmentally friendly when it really isn’t.’ #scam #electric #car #emission #fossil


New Jaguar website teaches you how to drive electric

Jaguar I-Pace range calculator

Jaguar reckons the all-electric I-Pace could fit in with your life. And the company’s new online range calculator can help you refine your driving style to best an electric car.

The website shows how different conditions, driving styles and environments can impact your driving range, for better or worse.

Teaching you to drive again

Jaguar I-Pace range calculator

Four categories can be selected to show the effects on driving range: interior climate, extreme temperatures, driving style and driving conditions.

Driving style is where Jaguar particularly wants to re-educate us. ‘One of the biggest impacts on range is the driver’, the site reads.

‘Frequent, heavy acceleration will have a detrimental impact on the car’s state of charge, whereas travelling at a steady pace will help an electric car preserve range. Gradual acceleration can also reduce your reliance on hard braking which consumes more energy than gentle braking.

‘Travelling at a steady pace will help an electric car preserve range.’

Jaguar I-Pace versus the motorway

Jaguar I-Pace range calculator

In terms of driving profile, you can select from Urban, Motorway and Combined. They have respective average speeds of 17mph, 59mph and 29mph. Other factors you can change are climate control use, outside temperature and which alloy wheel size you have.

Urban is what the calculator seems to think is the best for the Jaguar, with 300 miles range estimated if other factors are optimal. On the motorway, with everything else exactly the same, that drops to 202 miles, while combined it sits at 258 miles.

This is all at an optimum temperature of 25 degrees centigrade, without any climate control on and with the small eco-friendly 18-inch wheels. Turn the AC on and you lose over 50 miles from that 300-mile urban range.

Likewise, if you upgrade to 20-inch wheels, you lose 20 miles – or 32 miles if you go for the 22-inch wheels. The wheels make less of a difference to the motorway range, but still take it below 200 miles, as does use of climate control.

Jaguar I-Pace versus cold weather

As for how different temperatures affect range, the I-Pace takes a blow in cold weather. That 202-mile motorway range at 25deg C drops to 197 miles at 20deg C, 187 miles at 10deg C and 173 miles at 0deg C.

In urban driving, the drop is even worse. A 300-mile range at 25deg C goes to 244 miles at 0deg C.

In short, if you want that headline 292-mile WLTP-certified figure, it had better be a perfect summer’s day…

Go I-Pace – does the car fit your life?

Jaguar I-Pace range calculator

The new Go I-Pace app is a clever thing, too. It follows your movements over the course of a week. It calculates how far you’re driving, how much battery would be used and what the savings would be if you switched to electric.

The app has logged over 35,000 journeys so far, showingthat as many as 87 percent could cover their weekly mileage with two full charges. And 52 percent of users would only need to charge the I-Pace once every seven days.

“The Go I-Pace app was designed to demonstrate how EV ownership can benefit drivers, particularly in understanding journey impact on range and how often they would need to plug in,” said Joanna Hewitt of Jaguar Land Rover.

“Looking at the data we have had so far, it is clear to see that not only is I-Pace ownership cost-effective, it is extremely convenient too.”

Jaguar XE SV Project 8 at the Nurburgring

Jaguar breaks own Nürburgring record with XE SV Project 8

Jaguar sets another new Nurburgring recordJaguar has cemented the position of the XE SV Project 8 as the fastest production saloon car to lap the German Nürburgring Nordschleife circuit.

The 600 horsepower four-door managed to improve on the existing record, previously set by Jaguar in 2017, by some 2.9 seconds. 

With a time of seven minutes 18.361 seconds to complete the 20.6 km (12.8 mile) circuit, the supercharged V8 XE SV is now rubbing shoulders with serious hardcore machinery.

Maximum track attack

Jaguar sets another new Nurburgring recordHelping the XE SV go even quicker than before was the use of a car fitted with the special ‘Track Pack’ two-seater configuration. Choosing this removes 12.2 kg (27 pounds) from the weight of the Project 8, and installs a purposeful pair of bucket seats up front. 

Jaguar also set the height-adjustable coilover suspension to ‘track’ mode, and – sensibly – ensured the front splitter and giant rear wing were set for maximum downforce. 

Topping off the adjustments was the fitment of ultra-high performance Michelin rubber. The brand-new Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 Rs are street legal, but feature competition-grade construction and compounds. 

Back once again for the ‘Ring master

Jaguar sets another new Nurburgring recordIn charge of tackling the demanding 154 corners of the Nürburgring Nordschleife was Jaguar development driver, and former BTCC racer, Vincent Radermecker. 

Responsible for setting the XE SV’s original record-breaking ‘Ring time in 2017, Radermecker has also recorded a lap record at the French Circuit Clermont-Ferrand with Jaguar. 

The Belgian driver has been instrumental in helping develop the performance of the Project 8, meaning he should certainly have been comfortable with the saloon’s potential 200 mph top speed.

Racing against the clock

Jaguar sets another new Nurburgring recordImproving on the Nürburgring Nordschleife time is just the latest in a series of on-track achievements for the XE SV Project 8. Lap records have also been broken at Laguna Seca in California, along with at the Dubai Autodrome.

Production of the limited-edition Project 8 is planned to finish later this year, with Jaguar recently launching a slightly subtler Touring version. 

Jamal Hameedi, Engineering Director, Jaguar Special Vehicle Operations, was clearly happy with the improved record set by the powerful production saloon. 

Speaking about the new lap time, Hameedi commented: “The original Nürburgring time set by Jaguar XE SV Project 8 demonstrated the extreme performance envelope of the world’s fastest production sedan, but the SV team is driven by a motorsport mentality and we knew Project 8 could go even faster.

“This new official record time is a fitting reward for everyone who has played a part in pushing the boundaries for our customers with Project 8.”

Jaguar Land Rover wants use more recycled plastics in its cars

Jaguar wants recycle more in its cars

Jaguar Land Rover has partnered with chemical company BASF to tackle the challenges of plastic waste, with a joint project called ChemCycling.

The plan is to take the plastic waste that cannot be recycled and develop a way to re-use it. ChemCycling transforms the plastic into pyrolysis oil using a thermochemical process. The resulting product is then used in the same manner as oil in BASF’s plastic production process.

The resulting plastic could be used in future Jaguar and Land Rover models for integral pieces of the vehicle. That’s the important point – integral. It’s not just a case of a dashboard feeling nice to the touch. It’s a piece of the front end carrier for instance. It has to behave in very specific ways during an accident, or under stress.

Testing is currently underway with I-Pace prototypes serving as the guinea pigs. The new materials have to pass a series of rigorous safety and quality tests in order to be approved for use in JLR cars.

Plastics are vital

Jaguar wants recycle more in its cars

It is hoped that a good deal of the millions of tonnes of waste plastic we produce could go to use. It’s predicted that by 2050, we’ll be producing as much as 12 million tonnes of plastic waste every year.

JLR is no stranger to implementing recycled plastics in its cars. The Range Rover Velar and Evoque use a material that combines a wool blend with a suede cloth. Each car uses 53 recycled plastic bottles.

“Plastics are vital to car manufacturing and have proven benefits during their use phase, however, plastic waste remains a major global challenge,” said Chris Brown, senior sustainability manager at Jaguar Land Rover

Jaguar wants recycle more in its cars

“Solving this issue requires innovation and joined-up thinking between regulators, manufacturers and suppliers.

“At Jaguar Land Rover, we are proactively increasing recycled content in our products, removing single-use plastics across our operations and reducing excess waste across the product lifecycle.

Game, Set and Match: tennis stars and supercars

Wimbledon 2019 Tennis and Cars

Ah, Wimbledon: two weeks of dodging the showers, eating seriously expensive strawberries and cream, Sue Barker making smalltalk when the covers on and the entire nation pinning its hopes on one Scottish British tennis player.

But enough of all that – show us the cars…

Jaguar Ace Pace

Wimbledon 2019 Tennis and Cars

In readiness for Wimbledon 2019, Jaguar developed a new app for your phone that lets you measure how fast your tennis serve is. Winners get prizes, including the opportunity to compete at Wimbledon for real, along with tickets for matches. The Ace Pace app uses accelerometers, which means you have to swing your phone like a racket. That’d be an interesting call to your insurance company…

Andy Murray ‘goes electric’

Wimbledon 2019 Tennis and Cars

In June 2018, Andy Murray delivered on his promise to ‘go electric’ by taking delivery of a Jaguar I-Pace. It no doubt serves to keep the tennis star’s conscience clear, and Jaguar’s PR team happy.

Jaguar XF Sportbrake

Wimbledon 2019 Tennis and Cars

There’s no need to adjust your set, this Jaguar XF Sportbrake is indeed covered in a tennis ball camo wrap. It was part of a campaign culminating in the estate being unveiled by Andy Murray, before being sent on a nationwide tour with the Wimbledon trophy inside. “Letting go of the trophy will be difficult, but there’s no better vehicle than the Jaguar XF Sportbrake to take it on this UK tour,” said Murray (via the Jaguar press office).

Murray makes a mint

For 2016, Jaguar UK signed up Andy Murray as a brand ambassador to promote its #FeelWimbledon campaign, which involves a 360-degree virtual reality tour of Centre Court through the eyes of the British number one. Jaguar is also keen to point out that Murray owned an F-Type Coupe and had a new F-Pace  on order.

Andy Murray smashes Jaguar F-Type SVR

Keen to maximise the return on its investment, Jaguar sent Andy Murray to Thruxton and asked him to serve at a target mounted to the back of a Jaguar F-Type SVR (here, he’s getting his eye in with an XE). The Jaguar just happened to be driven by John McEnroe and Murray served an ace as the car sped past at 130mph. This must have been as strange for Murray as it was for us to write.

Advantage, Jaguar

In 2015, Jaguar announced a five-year deal to become the official car partner to the All England Tennis Club for Wimbledon. As part of the agreement, Jaguar supplies 170 vehicles to the London venue throughout the two-week tournament. No wonder the traffic is so bad on the streets of Wimbledon.

Rolls-Royce and the Tennis Classic

Away from Wimbledon, the stars at this year’s Tennis Classic at Hurlingham will be chauffeured around in a selection of Rolls-Royce models. The likes of Marin Cilic, David Ferrer and Richard Gasquet will escape the showers courtesy of a Phantom and a Ghost. At least they’ll have access to an umbrella.

The MercedesCup

“The estate version of the new E-Class is all set to be served up at the MercedesCup tennis tournament in Stuttgart.” You serve up the tennis puns, Mercedes-Benz, we’ll volley them home.

Angelique Kerber nets a new Porsche 911

In 2015, Germany’s Angelique Kerber won the Porsche Grand Prix tennis tournament in Germany by beating Denmark’s Caroline Wozniacki in the final. Her prize included a Porsche 911 Carrera 4 GTS. Nice.

Andy Murray and his BMW i8

Meanwhile, over in Munich, Britain’s Andy Murray collected the keys to his new i8 electric supercar after winning the BMW Open tennis tournament. Looks like he’s struggling to get comfy. Probably a good idea if Murray doesn’t mention this car to Jaguar…

Lindsay Davenport and her Porsche 911

Of course, scooping a new car by winning a tennis tournament is nothing new. Here’s American tennis star, Lindsay Davenport and her Porsche 911 Carrera 4 GTS at the German Porsche Grand Prix tennis tournament in 2004.

Tommy Haas and his BMW Z4

Meanwhile, in 2003, Tommy Haas drove home in a brand new BMW Z4 after beating Philipp Kohlschreiber in the final of the BMW Open tennis tournament in Munich. We won a few tennis tournaments at school, but we were never given a car as a prize. That’s probably because the tournaments were sponsored by the local double-glazing firm and not an international car company. Pictured is a later “Winner” Z4. 

Wimbledon and parking in 1923

But enough of these lavish prizes and on to something more civilised. Wimbledon is of course the oldest tennis tournament in the world. The first championships were held in 1870 and the Olympics arrived in Wimbledon in 1908. The tournament moved to Church Road in 1922 and No.1 Court opened in 1924. Here we see the tennis courts in 1923. You probably had to be someone very special to park this close to the court.

Electric Jaguar XJ to be built in Birmingham


Jaguar electric vehicles only

In a boost for the British car industry, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has announced plans to build a range of electrified cars at its Castle Bromwich plant in Birmingham.

A new electric Jaguar XJ will be the first car to roll out of the plant, as JLR confirms its commitment to offer electrified options for all new models from 2020.

Production of the current XJ luxury saloon has come to an end, with the new electric version benefiting from the firm’s experience in creating the Jaguar I-Pace SUV.

The next-generation electric XJ is expected to arrive next year, but Jaguar hasn’t confirmed specifications or prices. The outgoing Jaguar XJ costs upwards of £62,400, while the I-Pace will set you back at least £64,500. A starting price in the region of £65,000 to £70,000 would be realistic for the all-electric XJ.

The news safeguards around 2,700 jobs and follows the announcement in January that its new battery making facilities would be located in the Midlands. The battery assembly centre at Hams Hall will be the ‘most innovative and technologically advanced in the UK,’ says the company.

‘Powerhouse of electrification’

Electric Jaguar XJ to be built at Castle Bromwich

Prof. Dr Ralf Speth, Jaguar Land Rover CEO, said: “The future of mobility is electric and, as a visionary British company, we are committed to making our next generation of zero-emission vehicles in the UK.

“We are co-locating our electric vehicle manufacture, electronic drive units and battery assembly to create a powerhouse of electrification in the Midlands.”

‘Charging should be as easy as re-fuelling’

Jaguar XJ 50

Prof. Speth warned of challenges ahead as the country gears up for an electrified future. “Convenience and affordability are the two key enablers to drive the uptake of electric vehicles to the levels that we all need. Charging should be as easy as re-fuelling a conventional vehicle.

“Affordability will only be achieved if we make batteries here in the UK, close to vehicle production, to avoid the cost and safety risk of importing from abroad.

“The UK has the raw materials, scientific research in our universities and an existing supplier base to put the UK at the leading edge of mobility and job creation.”

Jaguar Ace Pace app could serve you tickets to Wimbledon

Jaguar Ace Pace app could win you tickets to wimbledon

Jaguar has launched an app that can measure the effectiveness of your tennis serve. Reach the top of a leaderboard in the June Championships, and you could be off to the Wimbledon championships

Delivering a strong performance on the leaderboards could also land you entry into the Jaguar Wimbledon Masterclass.

How can an app measure your tennis service?

Jaguar Ace Pace app could win you tickets to wimbledon

The Jaguar Ace Pace app, developed by Journey Digital, uses sensors found in all phones to calculate wrist angle and the arc and speed of the serve. Remember that lightsaber iPhone app? It’s a more complicated version of that.

Journey Digital strategy director Nick Piper said: “CGI technology has advanced significantly over the past decade and now, what used to cost millions of dollars and expensive cameras can be captured using smartphones.”

The app is available to download on all smartphones.

Five years of the Jaguar partnership with Wimbledon

Jaguar Ace Pace app could win you tickets to wimbledon

“As Jaguar’s association with Wimbledon enters its fifth year, we are delighted to continue our pledge to take fans closer to The Championships.” Jaguar Land Rover UK, managing director, Rawdon Glover says.

“It is important that tennis fans feel the benefit of our partnership first and foremost so for those that can master the app, we will be providing tickets to The Championships, Wimbledon, throughout the fortnight as well as the unique opportunity to attend the Jaguar Wimbledon Masterclass in September.”

Jaguar I-Pace green icon

Jaguar Land Rover and BMW to team up on EV tech

Jaguar I-Pace green iconBMW and Jaguar Land Rover are to co-develop next-generation electric motors and drive systems, the two firms have revealed in a surprise announcement.

A joint engineering team will develop the new Electric Drive Units (EDUs) and they will be built in each firm’s manufacturing facilities – including the JLR Engine Manufacturing Centre in Wolverhampton.

The companies will concentrate on developing the motors “to deliver the specific characteristics required for their respective range of products”. The joint team will be based in Munich.


JLR engineering director Nick Rogers revealed the partnership with BMW Group will help the British firm rise to the challenge of taking electric cars mainstream.

“We’ve proven we can build world-beating electric cars, but now we need to scale the technology to support the next generation of Jaguar and Land Rover products.

“It was clear from discussions with BMW Group that both companies’ requirements for next generation EDUs to support this transition have significant overlap making for a mutually beneficial collaboration.”


In a statement, BMW said its fifth generation eDrive system, dubbed ‘Gen 5’, will be launched in the BMW iX3 electric car (pictured above in concept form).

“The Gen 5 electric drive unit will be the propulsion system upon which subsequent evolutions launched together with Jaguar Land Rover will be based.”

By working together, the two firms will benefit from shared R&D and production planning costs, as well as economies of scale in buying components from suppliers.  

“Together, we have the opportunity to cater more effectively for customer needs by shortening development time and bringing vehicles and state-of-the-art technologies more rapidly to market,” said BWM board member for development, Klaus Frohlich.

Jag You Are: I-Pace electric SUV stars at Birmingham Pride

Jaguar I-Pace at Birmingham Pride 2019 CLICK TO SEE MORE

Jaguar I-Pace at Birmingham Pride 2019: CLICK TO SEE MORE

A special edition Jaguar I-Pace joined the fun at Birmingham Pride this weekend – the UK’s biggest two-day LGBTQ festival.

The car wore a unique badge, with Jaguar’s big cat atop rainbow colours. ‘Jag You Are’ is emblazoned on the bonnet and there are more rainbow stripes on the car’s sides.

Local dealers have also been getting involved, with Stratstone and Guy Salmon both showing their support. Guy Salmon had its own black I-Pace on show with the same colour scheme.

In a statement on Twitter, Jaguar UK said ‘We’re proud to be supporting our diverse workforce at Birmingham Pride 2019 this weekend – the UK’s biggest two-day LGBTQ festival – where we joined the parade with a specially designed #JagYouAre #IPACE’.

Jaguar I-Pace at Birmingham Pride 2019

Birmingham Pride, which celebrates lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender culture, brought the town centre to a standstill. As many as 75,000 spectators lined the streets for the parade. 

Andrea Rosati of Jaguar design said: “With ‘Jag You Are’ and its graphics we talk about individuality and inclusiveness. Going beyond stereotypes – even in the LGBT+ community – we want to celebrate the chance to ‘be your own animal.’

“The artworks – really geometric, not over designed – are a homage to Polaroid: an instantaneous, immediate image of ourselves, showing who we are without filters.”

Last year, Jaguar became a member of Stonewall, a charity that works with employers to improve LGBTQ inclusion and engagement.

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