New Jaguar models to get integrated Spotify

Jaguars with SOTA get integrated Spotify

The latest update for software-over-the-air capable Jaguar models is an embedded Spotify app. Not sent via your phone or Bluetooth, but integrated into the car’s infotainment system.

It’ll debut on the new Jaguar F-Type, with the app integrated into its latest Touch Pro infotainment system. Jaguar worked with Spotify to develop the software specifically to work natively in Jaguar’s infotainment. That means no plugging in or pairing: your Spotify Premium library is ready and waiting, after a simple login process.

With Spotify Connect, drivers who had been listening on their mobile device should enjoy seamless continuation of playback in the car once they get in. 

Jaguars with SOTA get integrated Spotify

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Jaguar isn’t the only manufacturer to boast an integrated Spotify facility on its cars. It joins the likes of Cadillac, Tesla and Volvo with the integration of the music service. Volvo actually integrated Spotify back in 2016, and Tesla in 2015.

“Our customers expect the latest infotainment and connectivity technology, and the new F-Type’s embedded Spotify app has been developed to offer them exactly that,” said Alan Volkaerts, vehicle line director for the F-Type.

“Our engineers have worked closely with Spotify to integrate this app into the Touch Pro infotainment system, and as a result our customers can have access to a huge library of music without needing to connect their phones. And the seamless playback between devices in the home to the car – and back again – makes the new F-Type even more enjoyable to drive.”

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Jaguars with SOTA get integrated Spotify

F-Type buyers can enhance the connectivity of their new sports car with the optional Smartphone Pack. This includes Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Audiophiles should take a shine to the Meridian Audio system, too.

The latest Jaguar F-Type launched with a new face, and lost some of its engine options. Slender lights and a stretched-out snout are welcome, but the loss of the supercharged V6 is a shame. The supercharged V8 remains, though, both in 450hp convertible form, and 575hp R coupe form. So should the new Spotify update have any teething problems, you’ll still have something nice to listen to.

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