Car insurance will rise in 2020

Five reasons why your car insurance will cost more in 2020

A ‘perfect storm of factors’ will combine to increase the cost of car insurance this year. Here's why – and what you can do to offset the rising costs.
Coronavirus insurance discount for NHS workersShutterstock

Car insurance ‘renewal tax’ costs motorists £674million

New research has revealed that around 16.8 million drivers let their insurance auto-renew last year. It cost them a heady £674million

The 10 cheapest cars to insure in 2020

We reveal the 10 cheapest cars to insure in the UK, including the Nissan Micra, Seat Ibiza and Toyota Yaris
van insurance prices upRenault

Cost of van insurance rises 2.2 percent in three months

Insurance costs for van drivers in the UK have shot up in recent months, following a period of stability over the past year.
When is cheapest to buy car insuranceShutterstock

Revealed: The cheapest months to buy car insurance

New research reveals the best time of the year to buy car insurance. It also shows the cost of car insurance increased 16 percent over seven years.
insurers don't always cover misfuellingShutterstock

Insurance companies refuse cover for using the wrong fuel

In recent years, many insurers have refused to pay the cost of repair after motorists put the wrong fuel in their cars.
Wrapping car could invalidate insuranceVolkswagen USA

Why wrapping your car could invalidate your insurance

Your insurance could be void if your car has wrapped and you don't declare the modification. We explain the rules around car wraps.
Best car insurance companies of 2020

The UK's best car insurance companies in 2020

Using feedback from 50,000 customers, we can reveal the UK's best car insurance companies of 2020, with the results based on four categories.
How much do car accidents actually cost?Shutterstock

How much do car accidents and repairs really cost?

Sometimes car accidents can't be avoided. But how much do they actually cost to put right, on average? We look at the latest figures.
Volkswagen launches fixed price insuranceVolkswagen

Volkswagen launches three-year fixed price insurance plan

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has a new insurance offer to ‘reward loyal customers'. It's available for passenger-carrying VW vans, including the Caravelle.