Men pay more for car insurance than womenShutterstock

Men pay 26 percent more for car insurance than women

New data shows men pay £121 (26 percent) more for car insurance than women, primarily because of their occupations and the cars they drive.
Scratch on car bumperShutterstock

Parking problem? New insurance offer covers scratches and dents

An insurance company has teamed up with a dent and scratch repair firm to offer an innovative pay-monthly package.
Car thefts up in the UKKauka Jarvi /

Car thefts rocket 21 percent in 3 years

A Freedom of Information request reveals car crime has risen by 21 percent in three years. Here's how you can keep your car safe during the lockdown.
Insurance refundsShutterstock

Car insurance company refunds customers due to lockdown

Admiral is giving all its car and van insurance customers a £25 refund by the end of May. The move reflects the fact that lockdown should mean fewer claims.
Coronavirus car insurance to fallShutterstock

Coronavirus could reduce the cost of car insurance

The average car insurance premium in the UK now stands at £755 – an increase of £24. However, premiums could fall in the aftermath of the Covid-19 crisis.
Cheapest and most expensive car insuranceShutterstock

The most expensive and cheapest job titles for car insurance

New research reveals the most expensive and cheapest job titles for car insurance. It's good news for mechanics, but bad news for professional drivers.
NHS workers can get 75 percent rebate on temporary car insurance during covid crisis

NHS staff offered 75 percent discount on car insurance

A temporary car insurance provider says that NHS workers on the coronavirus frontline will be eligible for a 75 percent discount.
Dashcam use in the UK

More drivers expected to fit a dashcam in 2020

Many car insurance firms offer a discount to policyholders who use a dashcam. One industry analyst says dashcam uptake could be higher in 2020.
car insurance excesses risingShutterstock

Rising car insurance excess warning to motorists

Excesses of £3,000 and beyond are becoming more common, reveals new research. Drivers could be left without a payout in the event of a write-off
When is the best time to renew car insurance

When is the best time to renew your car insurance?

Using data provided by a leading price comparison website, we reveal the best time to renew your car insurance – and why auto-renewing is a bad idea.