Customer and dealer checking a finance agreement

Car finance customers to save millions as FCA bans discretionary commission

Financial watchdog the FCA has banned car finance lenders from linking commission to the interest rate charged, saving motorists £165m a year
Customer signing a car finance loan agreement

Support for struggling car finance customers is extended

The Financial Conduct Authority has announced further support for car finance customers who are struggling to make payments due to the coronavirus crisis.
How to get the best price for your PCP trade-inShutterstock

How to get the best price for your PCP trade-in car

Beware the word 'minimum' in Guaranteed Minimum Future Value. Read our guide to make sure you get the best price for your PCP trade-in.
Car finance jargon busterShutterstock

Car finance jargon explained: what you need to know

Bamboozled by balloon payments, confused by conditional sales or puzzled by part-exchange? Our car finance jargon buster has the answers.
Car finance assistance measures announced

Motorists with car finance to get three-month payment freeze

The Financial Conduct Authority has confirmed anyone with a car finance PCP or PCH will be able to freeze payments for three months
Car finance calculator in a showroom

3-month payment freeze proposed for car finance

The car finance regulator expects companies to offer a three-month payment freeze to customers struggling with payments during the coronavirus outbreak.
Caterham Academy

Caterham launches finance deal to go racing for £299 a month

Caterham Cars is offering finance packages for the first time – and these extend to customers who want to race in the Caterham Academy.
PCP costs and chargesShutterstock

PCP car finance: How to avoid charges when you return the keys

Unexpected fees can be a nasty surprise when you return a car at the end of a finance deal. Here are some actionable tips to avoid them.
car payments second-most expensive outlay to rent or mortgageShutterstock

A third say monthly car payments come second only to rent

After paying rent or a mortgage, 30 percent of drivers say car payments are their next most expensive monthly outgoing.
Car finance explainedShutterstock

Car finance explained: the difference between PCP, PCH and leasing

Our guide to car finance includes Hire Purchase (HP), Personal Contract Purchase (PCP), Personal Contract Hire (PCH), personal loans and credit cards.