WeBuyAnyCar: claims that customers are left out of pocket are ‘misleading’

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WeBuyAnyCar: claims that customers are left out of pocket are 'misleading'

Car buying website WeBuyAnyCar.com has hit out at claims that its service is leaving motorists out of pocket.

Responding to independent research commissioned by Auto Trader, the company says it isn’t fair to compare the asking price of a car as part of a private sale with their “genuine offer to buy”.

“WeBuyAnyCar provides a convenience service which allows motorists to sell their car often within a matter of hours, free-from the hassles and risks associated with a private sale,” a spokesman told Motoring Research. “Many alternative options also charge a fee upfront for a service that cannot guarantee a sale.”

The service provides customers with a quote for their car via their website. If the customer is happy with the quote, they can book an appointment at a nearby branch where the car will be inspected and a firm offer made.

While the valuations provided by WeBuyAnyCar are often lower than owners could expect to achieve from a private sale, WeBuyAnyCar says many customers value the convenience.

“We actually recommend consumers seeking the very highest price to sell privately, if they don’t mind dealing with strangers on the doorstep and handling the test drive,” added the spokesperson. “There are personal safety and security issues to consider, as well as managing often substantial payments, sometimes made in cash. Often all this effort is for the sake of what may be a few hundred pounds after negotiations and other fees.”

“We remain the number one choice for over a million customers, who want to sell their car promptly, securely and safely with guaranteed payment and would rather avoid time-wasters, tyre-kickers and the personal risks associated with selling privately.”

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