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You can now track a friend’s journey on Google Maps

Google Maps journey share

Google has improved its Maps app’s journey sharing facility with an update available on both Android and iOS.

We reported earlier in the week that Maps now has EV charging locations included in its searchable items and locations. Now, more user-experience facilities are getting a refresh. The principal one being the journey sharing service.

You can now allow any contact of your choosing to see your live location throughout the duration of a journey. After starting your navigation, pressing the ^ symbol will give you the option to ‘share trip progress’.

Contacts of your choosing on a variety of third-party apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and more will be able to see your ETA. More than that, they’ll be able to view your route and track your progress live. Once you’ve arrived, journey sharing cancels automatically.

What does this all mean? Unless you don’t disclose your journey to those you’re travelling to or from, there’s no excuse for leaving late or getting sidetracked. More positively, it also allows us to keep eyes on loved ones as they travel.

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