A third of UK motorists would drive away after a parking scrape

Parking peril

New research has revealed that 32 percent of UK motorists would opt to flee a parking scrape, rather than own up to damaging another car.

The study of 2,000 drivers by Euro Car Parts also uncovered the five places where drivers are most likely to smash and dash. Norwich comes fifth, scoring equal to the average at 32 percent. Glasgow and Liverpool are on 33 percent, while Oxford and London score 40 and 43 percent respectively. 

As for the gender-split, men were more likely than women to bump and run, with 36 percent saying they would, versus 28 percent of women.

Parking peeves

As for what irritates us most while parking, it comes as no surprise that expensive charges were near the top of the list.

Tight parking bays were an annoyance noted by 50 percent of respondents, while 47 percent said that double parkers and inconsiderate drivers got on their nerves.

Parking peril

“Parking can often be a challenge for motorists, especially in cramped and busy urban environments like large cities,” said Chris Barella of Euro Car Parts.

“But whilst we can’t control how narrow a parking space is or how badly other people park, we can make sure that our own cars are properly equipped to be able to park in inconvenient locations. By fitting cars with parking aids like sensors and reversing cameras, drivers can ensure that they’re fully prepared for the stresses of urban parking.”

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