September 2017 new car offers: all the deals

All the new car deals from Alfa Romeo to Volvo

2017 is proving to be a difficult time for new car sales, with the SMMT reporting a record low since 2012 for registrations so far this year. As the plate-change month of September nears, a time when manufacturers typically go all-out to attract customers to showrooms, there’s no shortage of tempting offers available. We’ve hunted out the best September 2017 new car offers – from £11,500 off a new Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT to free insurance for 18 year olds on a Seat Ibiza.

Alfa Romeo

Alfa is currently offering a £2,000 deposit contribution across a number of its models, including the Mito, Giulietta, Giulia and 4C when you take a test drive before September 30th. That doesn’t extend to the new Stelvio, unfortunately, but Alfa is offering a £439/month four-year PCP deal on its desirable new crossover.

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There’s no shortage of finance deals available from your Audi dealer this September. One that caught our eye is a £299 a month Personal Contract Plan (PCP) offer on its ever-popular TT coupe. That’s following a £4,588.80 customer deposit, and a further £4,000 provided by the dealer. Hand it back after four years or stump up £13,295.25 to keep hold of it.

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If you’re looking to swap your car every three or four years, Personal Contract Hire (PCH) deals can often work out slightly cheaper than PCP. BMW is currently offering its M140i Shadow Edition for £299 per month over four years on a PCH scheme. You’ll need to stump up an initial rental of £6,579.

Got an old diesel car to trade in? If it’s a Euro 4 standard or below, BMW will give you an extra £2,000 towards your new car… 

See BMW new car offers


Anyone car shopping on a budget should visit their nearest Citroen dealer for some great September 2017 new car offers. Until 30 September 2017, the French manufacturer is offering a £1,900 deposit contribution on its quirky C4 Cactus through its PCP scheme. Meanwhile, its popular C3 supermini is available with three years’ free servicing.

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While a £400 dealer deposit contribution doesn’t sound like a huge amount, £149 per month following a £1,880 customer deposit for a brand new Duster sounds like excellent value to us. The Sandero, meanwhile, is available from just £89 a month following a very reasonable £1,485 customer deposit.

See Dacia new car offers


The DS 3 is getting old, but remains a fine supermini – and DS is offering up to £3,500 deposit contribution on certain models until 30th September. While the DS 4 isn’t as desirable, it’s available with £2,800 deposit contribution, and DS is offering £2,950 towards PCP plans on its DS 5.

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A £1,250 deposit contribution from Fiat results in £795 left to pay up front for a new 500 Lounge, followed by 48 monthly payments of £179. If you’d prefer something a little sportier, the carmaker is offering £2,500 towards a 124 Spider on PCP. That results in a customer deposit of £2,330, followed by 37 monthly payments of £249. Suddenly, buying a convertible in September seems sensible…

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Ford currently has some tempting offers available across its range, including up to £2,950 off the Focus Titanium and Titanium X, and £2,750 across the Mondeo range. Add an extra £500 to that if you take a test drive and sign on the dotted line before August 31st.

Update – 22 August 2017

Ford has launched a scrappage scheme for older cars! It’s a true scrappage scheme too: all eligible – that’s Euro 1-4 cars registered before 31 December 2009 – will be scrapped and thus removed from British roads. The incentive is in addition to any of the offers outlined above, meaning buyers could save up to £7000 for switching into a green new car. 

See Ford new car offers


Meanwhile, Honda is offering a deposit contribution of up to £3,000 when buying on finance. For the maximum discount, you’ll need to buy a 1.6-litre CRV SE Plus 2wd, which’ll cost £319 a month on PCP. That’s after a deposit of £4,725.38, plus Honda’s £3,000 contribution, with an optional payment of £11,505.14 if you wish to keep the car after three years.

See Honda new car offers


Like Honda, Hyundai isn’t holding back on deposit contributions for PCP buyers. There’s £750 to be had towards certain i10 models, while the new i30 is available with a contribution up to £1,500. If you want a Sante Fe SUV, meanwhile, Hyundai will put a hefty £5,000 towards your deposit. These generous discounts can also be combined with 0 percent finance on certain i30 trims, making it very attractive indeed.

See Hyundai new car offers


Many car buyers will overlook Nissan’s posh sub-brand, Infiniti, but our research suggests you’d be daft to be so hasty. The BMW 3 Series-rivalling Q50 is available with a hefty £4,500 deposit contribution on PCP, taking the customer deposit down to £431 if you can afford monthly repayments of £431 over four years. There’s £2,250 available towards a Q30 too.

See Infiniti new car offers


Think premium brands like Jaguar wouldn’t resort to tempting discounts in a bid to sell cars? You’d be wrong – especially when it comes to ageing, expensive cars like the Jaguar XJ. Jag is currently offering a whopping £10,558 deposit contribution on a new XJ Luxury, along with interest-free finance over three years. You’ll just need to work out a way of affording the £499 monthly repayments.

See Jaguar new car offers


The big news at Jeep is a massive £9,500 deposit contribution towards a Grand Cherokee SRT, plus an extra £2,000 if you take a test drive before the end of September plus 0 percent APR interest. While the fuel costs might put some off, the £2,000 test drive offer also extends to the Renegade and Cherokee. The latter is also available with a £6,000 deposit contribution with certain trims.

See Jeep new car offers


Kia’s offering a year’s free insurance and £500 towards its affordable Picanto and Rio models. Tempting for new drivers, but beware that the Ts and Cs state you have to be aged between 21 and 79 to take up the free insurance offer. Moving up the range, there are a number of tempting offers – including free servicing on various models, a £3,000 deposit contribution towards a Soul EV, and a free upgrade from an Optima saloon to an estate.

See Kia new car offers

Land Rover

With most of Land Rover’s range looking pretty fresh, there’s no need to offer tempting deals to lure customers into showrooms. If you look, though, they are to be had. How does £2,250 towards an Evoque sound? 6.9 percent APR finance takes the edge of it a little, but it’s still a decent offer.

See Land Rover new car offers


A combination of dealer and manufacturer deposit contributions means you can save £2,000 off most of the Lexus range, along with other tempting deals including two years’ free servicing on CT and IS models.

See Lexus new car offers


If you’re looking for a likeable supermini, the Mazda 2 is available with a tempting 0 percent PCP offer, along with a £850 deposit contribution. The bigger Mazda 6, meanwhile, is available with £2,500 towards your deposit.

See Mazda new car offers


Few people can afford to buy a brand new Mercedes-Benz outright, but fear not – there’s some excellent deals to be had through the firm’s Agility PCP scheme. How does more than £8,500 towards a G-Class tempt you, or over £12,000 towards a new S-Class? Admittedly the £699 monthly payments of the latter might be a bit high, but the A-Class can be had for £279 a month, following a £3,499 deposit and an extra £674 from your dealer.

If you’re trading in an EU1 – EU4 diesel car before the end of December, it’s also worth noting that Mercedes-Benz will also give you a £2,000 ‘changeover bonus’…

See Mercedes-Benz new car offers


While MG isn’t offering any contribution towards a deposit on either its 3 or GS models, there is 0 percent finance available across the range. That translates to a tempting £115.93 per month over five years, following a reasonable £1,739 deposit. We’d be surprised if you couldn’t negotiate a discount, too…

See MG new car offers


“50 Mini Select PCP finance offers,” boasts the website. Where do you even begin? With the keenest deal on the best-value Mini there is, the Cooper three-door. For £169 a month over four years, it’s yours on a 5.9 percent APR PCP deal – all you have to do is find £2894 as a deposit, to which Mini will add £1400 to sweeten the deal further. Need more practicality? Take a five-door for £10 a month more. Want more economy? The Cooper D is £10 a month more again – but as the Cooper S also costs £189 a month on this offer, we’re pretty sure we’d hang the economy and go for the fun of 0-62mph in 6.8 seconds… meanwhile, other Minis have plentiful deals too – you can get a family-friendly Cooper Clubman from £199 a month, for example. There really is something for everyone.

See Mini new car offers


There’s a pick-and-mix offer of three years’ 0 percent APR with zero deposit on key Mitsubishi models, but perhaps the more well-rounded deal is the 5.9 percent APR PCP incentive on the Outlander PHEV. With Mitsubishi’s £2500 deposit contribution, and the £2500 you get from the Government’s Plug-in Car Grant, this takes the monthly cost of a £39,455 Outlander PHEV 4h variant down to £325 a month. Still too much? Have a used Outlander PHEV from £179 a month, so long as you can find a £6k deposit.

See Mitsubishi new car offers


The standout Nissan offer this September is its deal on the Leaf. Yes, we’ll see its replacement next month, but that car won’t be here for a while yet – and can you resist a stonking £4000 deposit contribution on the current one? All you need is a £2768 deposit, then it’s yours for just £219 a month for three years, on 3 percent APR – and Nissan will even throw in a free home charger. If electric is still not for you, there’s a £1600 deposit contribution on the Micra, £2300 on the Juke, and a full £2500 on the old-shape Qashqai. Even if you prefer the facelifted model, Nissan will still chuck in £1500 to get you started on the 4 percent APR PCP.

See Nissan new car offers


No significant deals on the in-demand new 3008 SUV, but that doesn’t stop other key models boasting some tasty offers. The 208 supermini, for instance, can be bought from £149 a month, on a 2.9 percent APR PCP, with the dealer chucking in a £2000 deposit contribution. Still want an SUV though? Try the 2008, yours from £169 a month on a 4.9 percent APR PCP, and again with a £2000 deposit add-in. You can even get a 308 family hatch on 0 percent APR, with up to £1700 deposit contribution: yours from £249 a month.

See Peugeot new car offers


F1 fans have plenty of reason to test drive a new Renault this September: they’ll all go into a draw to win a drive in a Renault F1 racing car. Back down to earth, all new Renaults currently offer two years’ free servicing, while the Captur and Kadjar come with three years’ 0 percent APR, and the popular Clio costs from £139 a month in 1.2 75 Dynamique Nav guise (yes, that’s a supermini with standard sat nav, for just £139 a month). You can even have models such as the racy Renault Sport Clio 200 Turbo for just £89 a month, on 0 percent finance – provided you can find an £8400 deposit and, after three years, an £8600 final payment.

See Renault new car offers


Seat will give you £500 off a new car simply by turning up between now and October to take a test drive. That’s on top of model-specific offers, and one of the best surely is the £1500 deposit contribution on the excellent all-new Ibiza SE, if you take out a four-year, 4.9 percent APR PCP. Even more striking, Seat will even give a year’s free insurance to those aged 18 or over, potentially a massive saving on a car that, in 1.0 95 SE guise, costs from £195 a month. There’s also a £2250 deposit contribution deal on the Leon, with a lower 4.9 percent APR PCP deal.

See Seat new car offers


Skoda is Volkswagen’s value brand and it intends to live up to that this September. PCP deals start with a 2.9 percent APR offer on the Citigo, with a £1000 deposit contribution; the Fabia doubles that contribution, and a similar offer is available on the Octavia as well. You can get a £3000 contribution on the Superb, but the APR jumps up to 4.9 percent; if that’s a bit rich, take 0 percent finance on the Yeti, with a £1500 deposit contribution. As for the in-demand Kodiaq, that has a 5.6 percent APR deal with a £2000 deposit contribution: simply taking a test drive adds an extra £1000 to this. Oh, and all new Skodas come with three years’ free roadside assistance too.

See Skoda new car offers


A number of offers across the Smart range, and the headline one is the simplest: take a well-equipped 71hp Fortwo Passion, with metallic paint, for £139 a month over four years, with zero deposit and 0 percent APR. Smart adds in a £1053 deposit contribution too, just to further sweeten the deal. If the Fortwo doesn’t have enough seats, a Forfour Passion is yours from £169 a month.

See Smart new car offers


‘Choose your offer,’ says SsangYong: it’s got no end of them in time for the 67-plate new registration. The headline-grabbing one is a free upgrade on the Tivoli: choose a model and you can add on either an automatic gearbox or 4×4 running gear, or move on up to the roomier XLV variant, without extra charge. Impressive, huh? There’s an extra £1000 deposit contribution on certain variants too, while all SsangYongs offer a five-year unlimited mileage warranty. SsangYong’s also running a 48-hour test drive programme, should you still need convincing one of its bargain-priced vehicles is for you.

See SsangYong new car offers


Subaru has a few September 2017 new car offers for business users, such as a WRX STi for £329 + VAT a month for brave company car drivers who don’t mind being crippled on benefit-in-kind tax, but the tastier deals are the PCP offers for retail buyers. Get ready for winter with a £2500 deposit contribution on a Forester’s four-year 6.9 percent APR finance package: and if that’s a bit utilitarian, the posher Outback ups the deposit contribution by another £1000. Just make sure you keep the mileage down to below 6000 a year.

See Subaru new car offers


Many of Suzuki’s cars are so affordable, even £500 off amounts to a hefty saving: it’s yours, Celerio buyers. We’d rather go for the excellent new Swift though, particularly as you can take it with four years’ 0 percent finance, with zero deposit. Simply pay the monthly £192 cost of, say, a SZ-T 5dr, and it’s yours. How’s that for a deal? There’s also up to £2000 off the Baleno, taking entry prices down to under £10,000, and a 2.9 APR finance deal on the Vitara that’ll get you a 1.6 SZ-T for just £199 a month. Oh, and back to the Celerio: if you’re quick, you can pick up one of 500 City special editions, which Suzuki is currently offering on a four-year PCP for a mere £85 a month.

See Suzuki new car offers


Startup electric car company Tesla has some very keen 1.5 percent PCP deals, but also has a typically innovative additional offer. Know someone who already owns a Model S or Model S? Ask them for a special referral code: owners can give up to five friends £750 off a Model S or Model X, plus unlimited free Supercharging. What’s in for them? Special owners’ rewards, including an owner-only upgrade to 21-inch Arachnid forged alloy wheels, VIP access to the launch of Tesla’s new truck, even access to a bespoke red Tesla Powerwall 2 home energy storage system. Genuinely, unlike any other September offers we know of.

See Tesla owner referral programme


Plenty of 0 percent finance offers on mainstream Toyotas: you can pick up interest-free finance from £129 a month on an Aygo, £169 a month on a Yaris and £199 a month on an Auris. A RAV4 Hybrid Business Edition SUV looks a bargain at £229 a month on 0 percent finance, particularly as the C-HR crossover SUV can only do 5.9 percent APR – that’s their respective customer demand right there. There’s a head v heart 4.9 percent APR finance deal with £1000 deposit contribution, too: either the GT86 or Prius. Which would you go for – green or great fun?

See Toyota new car offers


We half wonder if anyone has ever successfully navigated the full plethora of Vauxhall offers, so numerous are they. 0 percent finance, PCP incentives, low-rate contract hire, even £2000 trade-in ‘scrappage’ incentives – they’re all here. Really, you need either the patience of a saint or the help of a dealer to navigate them: grab a cuppa and head on over to Vauxhall’s site to get stuck in…

Update – 23 August 2017

Vauxhall has given its scrappage scheme a soft relaunch, highlighting some of the special deals it has for its dealers’ September 2017 new car offers billboards. Such as the popular Mokka crossover SUV: include scrappage and you can get up to £4400 off. It’s not just Vauxhall owners who are being drawn in either, added the firm: 63 percent of Vauxhall scrappage scheme owners come from other brands…

See Vauxhall new car offers


Volkswagen is on a UK sales drive right now. It seems intent on becoming Britain’s second-most-popular brand, overtaking Vauxhall, and has the staggering deals to help it achieve this. How about a £1800 deposit contribution on a Polo, with 6.0 percent APR finance? £1000 deposit on a Golf, on 4.9 percent APR? A hefty £4000 on a Passat, or up to £6000 on a Touareg? There’s £3500 off a Scirocco, and you can get three years’ servicing for just £149, while even the brand-new Arteon is offering a £3000 deposit contribution on a 4.9 percent APR PCP.

See Volkswagen new car offers


If you like free servicing, you’ll love Volvo this September: three years’ free maintenance is offered on every single new car it sells. Other incentives are added on, which largely correlate to the age and popularity of the car in question: on the XC60 and XC90 SUVs, it’s restricted to a 5.9 percent APR PCP deal. On the V90 and S90, the APR rate drops to 4.9 percent; on the S60 and V60, Volvo adds in a £750 deposit contribution. The V40 has the best package of all: 3.9 percent APR and a £1000 deposit contribution.

See Volvo new car offers


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