BMW floating hubcaps

You can now get Rolls-Royce-style floating hubcaps for your BMW

BMW floating hubcaps

It’s more than 15 years since Rolls-Royce introduced the Phantom VII and with it, floating hubcaps. Now, BMW has introduced the feature as an optional extra.

So, what is a floating hubcap? You’ll know when you look at a Phantom rolling by: you see the wheels turning, but the Rolls-Royce symbol isn’t. That’s the floating hubcap – and you can now get one for your 3 Series.

BMW floating hubcap wheels

Will Rolls-Royce drivers feel their cars have been cheapened, given this previously exclusive feature is now available on BMWs? Hopefully not…

The add-on floating hubcaps will fit any BMW alloy wheels as long as they have a pitch circle diameter of 112mm. The BMW logo itself is 56mm wide.

How much for a set, then? That’ll be £75 – including VAT – for four. They could make a fun, and relatively inexpensive, addition to your BMW.

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