North American Porsche drivers can now offset their CO2 emissions online

New Porsche Impact online tool allows drivers to estimate their annual carbon emissions, and donate to projects to mitigate them

Porsche Impact for USA CO2North American Porsche owners now have an easier way to reduce the environmental impact of driving their car.

The new ‘Porsche Impact’ online tool allows drivers to calculate their annual CO2 emissions, and then donate to projects designed to tackle climate change. 

Previously offered to customers in Germany, Poland, and the UK since 2018, Porsche Cars North America has taken steps to enrol its own Porsche Experience Center vehicles.

Porsche Impact for USA CO2Customers simply need to know the average fuel economy of their Porsche, along with the estimated annual mileage they will cover.

The Porsche Impact calculator then generates a figure for expected total CO2 emissions for the year. A financial value is attached to this CO2 total, representing the amount of funding needed to offset the emissions and one of four climate projects. 

All four projects are internationally certified, and include hydro-electric power in Vietnam, solar power in Mexico, habitat preservation in Zimbabwe, and forest protection in the USA. 

Drivers simply make a one-off payment through partner South Pole, who manages the allocation of funding. Porsche makes no profit from the money spent. 

Porsche Impact for USA CO2How much a driver pays is dependent on the Porsche they drive, and how frequently they use it. 

For instance, a Porsche 911 Turbo – with an average fuel economy of 21 mpg – would generate 2.09 tons of CO2 if driven 5,000 miles per year. Offsetting this would cost between $25.77 to $58.56 depending on the project picked. 

Whilst entirely optional Klaus Zellmer, President and CEO of PCNA, believes that “offering an option for greater sustainability is part of creating a superb Porsche experience”.

Porsche will launch the all-electric Taycan later this year, which will offer buyers the chance to sidestep internal combustion engine emissions completely.

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