Nissan GT-R 50th Anniversary and updated Nismo revealed

Nissan GT-R 50th NYAS

The legendary GT-R badge turns 50 this year, and Nissan is celebrating with a 50th Anniversary Edition GT-R.

It has been revealed at the 2019 New York Auto Show, alongside an updated Nismo version.

50th Anniversary Edition GT-R

Nissan NYAS

You could be forgiven for thinking this 50th Anniversary Edition is nothing more than a stickers-and-paint job, especially after the bespoke, hand-built GT-R50 by Italdesign. You’d be wrong, however.

As is the way with the GT-R, a new version and model-year comes with tangible incremental updates. These include new more refined turbos for better power delivery and efficiency, plus an updated exhaust manifold for ease of servicing and ‘potential tuning’ – their words. There are also new titanium exhaust mufflers, along with upgraded gearshift and suspension software.

As for the 50th Anniversary bits, Bayside Blue, previously seen on the legendary R34 GT-R, makes a return. The livery replicates that used on the original Hakosuka for the Japan GP series. There are more subtle highlights on the inside, including special trim for the shift knob and steering wheel.

Nissan GT-R 50th NYAS

“A GT-R is about total balance management,” said Hiroshi Tamura, chief product specialist for the car. “It is not about chasing a power figures, but creating a new GT-R, where no aspect has been overlooked. This is appropriate to celebrate the GT-R 50th anniversary.”

We’re not sure we’d call it ‘new’, but tinkering is always appreciated.

2020 GT-R Nismo: to the extreme

Nissan GT-R 50th NYAS

There are updates for the Nismo GT-R, too. The car is around 30kg lighter before, thanks to more extensive use of carbon fibre for the race-inspired bodywork. New Porsche-style vents over the front wheels improve air extraction from the wheel wells and increase downforce.

The Nismo has turbochargers straight off the GT3 car, for a 20 percent improvement in power delivery. Peak power is still 600hp, but you get access to it quicker.

Nissan NYAS

It wouldn’t be a fettled GT-R without a touch of the aftermarket, though. New for the 2020 Nismo are stunning 20-inch forged Rays alloy wheels, wrapped in new Dunlop tyres that increase contact patch by 11 percent. Brembo carbon-ceramic brakes are optional.

Inside, it’s business as usual. That’s to say, lots of red flashes, Alcantara and some mean-looking bucket seats.

Nissan GT-R 50th NYAS