New m52 Volkswagen performance tuning firm

New tuning company has sights on hot Volkswagen scene

New m52 Volkswagen performance tuning firmA new collaboration between two car modification companies will bring new options to the Volkswagen tuning scene.

Performance parts and engine upgrade specialist Mountune has formed a new company, partnering with alloy wheel manufacturer Fifteen52, to offer products on both sides of the Atlantic.

The new M52 brand will initially focus on the latest versions of the Volkswagen Golf R and GTI.

Forging new empires

New m52 Volkswagen performance tuning firmMountune re-established itself as a major player in the aftermarket  sector with its range of products for the Mk6 Ford Fiesta ST in 2008.

However, it was the global success of the Mk7 Fiesta ST, and the officially-endorsed Mountune upgrades for it, that pushed the company to even greater recognition.

Mountune Performance parts are now sold by Ford dealerships, allowing owners the ability to keep their original manufacturer warranty.

Fifteen52 began in 1996, and its range of monoblock alloy wheels become iconic via their association with motorsport. Ken Block has famously used Fifteen52 rims on many of his Hoonigan projects.

Talkin’ about Dub

New m52 Volkswagen performance tuning firmThe new M52 brand will sell performance parts, along with alloy wheel packages, designed to fit the Mk7 Golf R and GTI.

Initial offerings include ECU upgrades, which boost the output of the turbocharged Golf R to a considerable 355hp and 369lb ft of torque. GTI fans can also see power increased to 306hp and 350lb ft, meaning sizeable gains over stock.

Lowering springs for the suspension, upgraded brakes, billet engine bay parts, and even a custom X3 induction system, are also available to order from the M52 online shop.

Fifteen52 has also created two brand-new 19-inch alloy wheel designs, inspired by the Super Touring motorsport era from the 1990s. Customers can pre-order the new rim designs now, with the first deliveries expected in the coming months.

Loyalty to the badge

New m52 Volkswagen performance tuning firmAlongside performance parts and wheels, M52 will also offer a range of branded merchandise and accessories. In the sometimes heated world of the Volkswagen tuning scene, showing your allegiances is important.

Alec Pell-Johnson, director of Mountune, commented that the new collaboration is “an exciting chapter in our history” as the M52 brand was launched. Matt Croke, owner of Fifteen52, also added that: “This will be an epic brand in the performance aftermarket and offer something new to the VW community”.

The two companies first worked together on a special edition of the Volkswagen Golf GTI for the 2017 SEMA tuning show. Billed as a homage to the 1986 Group A World Rally Championship Golf GTI, the show car won considerable praise at the industry event.

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