Bosch motorcycle ABS

Motorcycle ABS anti-lock brakes are now fitted to a third of all motorbikes made in Europe, with component supplier Bosch revealing this market share has risen 600% over the past six years.

The benefit of this has been underlined by latest research that reveals a quarter of all motorcycling accident casualties can be prevented by anti-lock brakes.

Now, Bosch is hoping similar take-up rates can be achieved by MSC motorcycle stability control – which can help in two in three motorcycle cornering accidents caused by rider error.

The German firm began supplying MSC in late 2013: it works when the rider applies either front or rear brake, automatically modulating braking force according to speed and the rate of lean. It can detect when the front or rear wheel is about to lift, thus automatically applying corrective action.

As 50% of fatal motorcycle accidents occur in bends, the benefits are obvious.

There’s more, too – KTM is using the latest version of the Bosch MSC system, which includes car-like features such as hill-hold control and a drag torque control that’s dependent on lean angle; this corrects the instability caused by sudden gearchanges or the rider letting go of the throttle on slippery surfaces.

“The trend toward more safety features… continues undiminished,” said Bosch chassis systems control division president Gerhard Steiger.

“Like ESP in cars, MSC offers the best possible support for every situation, whether braking or accelerating, and even when the rider is leaning over at a steep angle.”