MOT shock stats: pass on a Sunday, fail on a Monday

MOT test station

Forget ‘race on Sunday, sell on Monday’, because when it comes to the MOT test, it’s more a case of ‘pass on Sunday, fail on Monday’.

That’s according to a report released by pay-as-you-drive insurance specialists By Miles. Using Department for Transport data, it reveals that the chances of your car passing the MOT test can be affected by the day of the week.

And, while 79 percent of cars passed when they were tested on Sunday, just 72 percent passed on a Monday. Good news for Sunday drivers.

The busiest periods for MOTs are March and September, which isn’t surprising given that these are the months when the UK registration plates change and a car will require its first MOT on or before its first birthday. December is the quietest month.

Of course, your biggest challenge might be finding an MOT test station that’s open on a Sunday. But while independent garages are likely to be closed, Halfords claims to have 90 centres open on Sundays, while Motest also offers a seven-days-a-week service.

To find an active MOT test station local to you, visit the government website.

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