Jaguar I-Pace prices from £58,995

Confirmed: Jaguar I-Pace prices start from £58,995

Jaguar I-Pace prices from £58,995The Jaguar I-Pace is been declared officially eligible for the government’s Plug-in Car Grant scheme AND the £500 Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme – which takes the transaction price down from £63,495 to £58,995 and helps make homecharging a lot more affordable. 

In being accepted onto the OLEV electric vehicle grant schemes, the I-Pace qualifies for the £4,500 Plug-in Car grant and the £500 ‘wallbox’ grant, which chips the starter price down from starting with a ‘6’ to opening with a ‘5’. 

Jaguar says it received written confirmation from officials earlier today, and confirms the new I-Pace is now included as an eligible vehicle on the list of low-emissions vehicles eligible for a Plug-in Car Grant. 

Because the I-Pace is a full EV with zero CO2 emissions and a range of more than 70 miles, buyers benefit from the ‘Category 1’ grant – the full £4,500. 

Jaguar I-Pace wallbox charging

It’s also on the list of vehicles eligible for the Electric Vehicle Homecharging Scheme

Jaguar works with Chargemaster to offer approved wallbox installations: with the OLEV grant included, the cost to the customer is £334. That buys a 7kW unit, which charges three times faster than a domestic plug socket: Jaguar reckons it gives 22 miles of range per hour of recharging.

As the government points out, it’s not a given that an electric vehicle will be eligible for a grant: “Only vehicles that have been approved by the government”. Hence Jaguar waiting until receiving official confirmation before making the announcement. 

2018 Jaguar I-Pace: prices

VEHICLEUK PRICING (including £4,500 UK gvt incentive)
I-PACE S£63,495 (£58,995)
I-PACE SE£69,495 (£64,995)
I-PACE HSE£74,445 (£69,945)
I-PACE First Edition£81,495 (£76,995)
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