Halfords offers ‘free brakes for life’

Halfords offering free brakes for life

Halfords is looking to ‘put the brakes on motoring costs’ by offering a one-off payment for braking consumables such as pads and shoes. Yes, one-off, forever – even if you get a new car.

No, this offer doesn’t include discs, callipers or any of the other more expensive bits, but it’s an intriguing deal nonetheless. Buy one set of pads or shoes, and the rest are free, forever…

It’s part of an initiative called Brakes4Life which seeks to incentivise good braking system maintenance habits by reducing costs for motorists. Halfords claims it could save the average car owner around £1,600 in their lifetime.

Halfords offering free brakes for life

Halfords also offers free brake checks, with an inspection of the entire braking system. That’s everything from the pedals and the linkages, to the lines and fluids, through to the callipers, discs and pads.

“With fuel prices and insurance costs driving up the cost of motoring, our Brakes4Life initiative offers motorists unprecedented value for money and peace of mind,” said Bob Masters from Halfords.

Halfords offering free brakes for life

“A one-off payment guards against future unexpected brake-related costs. Driving with worn brakes can increase your stopping distance, while letting the brake pads wear all the way to the wear indicator may mean your brake discs need to be replaced too.

“This can leave motorists facing additional unexpected costs when they take their car in for a service or MOT. However, Brakes4Life removes that risk and we find that when we explain that it really does cover them and their current as well as future car they own it results in some surprised and very satisfied customers.”