Electric Fiat 500 ‘Jolly’ is the ultimate holiday hire car

Hertz electric classic Fiat 500

Meet the Fiat 500 Jolly Spiaggina Icon-e, an all-electric version of the Italian icon. And it could be your next holiday hire car.

Hertz has commissioned the conversions from custom auto coachbuilder Garage Italia, with an electric motor sending power to the rear wheels. There’s no word on how many miles you’ll get from a battery charge, though. We suspect not many…

The Spiaggina features hand-woven seats in natural rope, heritage bodywork and matching wheels. It’s a classic Fiat 500, then, but with an electrifying twist.

This isn’t the first electric Fiat 500, though: a previous effort was inspired by Tesla.

Hertz electric classic Fiat 500

Enrico Vitali, CEO of Garage Italia calls the Icon-e “a perfect blend of tradition and modernity”.

In the Icon-e, “aesthetic research and production craftsmanship meet technological innovation and electric redevelopment, in the name of sustainability and style”.

Hertz electric classic Fiat 500

The Icon-e 500 Jolly will be available to rent from early July and will be the jewel in the company’s ‘Selezione Italia’ all-Italian offering.

“We are very proud of this new initiative with Garage Italia, offering our customers a fun-to-drive, tailor-made electric Fiat 500 that sports true Italian flair,” said Massimiliano Archiapatti of Hertz Italy.

Hertz electric classic Fiat 500

Selezione Italia is much more than a rental offer, it’s a philosophy; it’s the way we honour the relationship with our guests. In Italy we are proud of our traditions, of our distinctive culture that embodies authentic design, fashion, food, art, but most of all, hospitality – all embedded in Selezione Italia.”