Czinger 21C hypercar: key figures and new pictures released ahead of Geneva debut

Czinger 21C teased with new pictures and performance figures

The latest player to join the flourishing hypercar fray is Czinger. The Los Angeles-based company has ideas on how to revolutionise high-performance supercars and how cars are made.

It has already teased the aggressive 21C, and now, it’s ready to reveal some power and performance figures. We’ve also got a few more teaser shots of this remarkable looking machine. 

1,250hp hybrid hypercar

Czinger 21C teased with new pictures and performance figures

But first, the performance. If an Aston Martin Valkyrie seems a bit tame to you, perhaps the 1,250 hp Czinger will more tickle your fancy. That makes the 21C good for 0-62 mph in 1.9 seconds.

Not many cars can show a Bugatti Chiron a clean pair of heels, but the 21C appears to be one of that rarest of breeds. 

What exactly is producing that 1,250 hp is still partly under wraps. What we do know, is that Czinger calls its in-house developed unit a ‘strong hybrid powertrain’.

Judging by the sounds in the teaser videos, it’s certainly not got some generic American V8 sat out back, even in spite of both car and creator Kevin Czinger taking inspiration from Lola’s classic big-banger V8 racers. 

There’s an industrial howl to it that wouldn’t sound out of place spilling from the back of a modern LMP2 racing car. It’s certainly more mysterious than the kind of twin-turbocharged V8 crate motors you’ll find in some other recent American hypercars.

“Rule-breaking, record-hunting”

Some might worry that hypercars are much of a muchness these days. Every man and his dog’s got an autoclave and dreams of sharing show floor space with Horatio Pagani and Guinness World Record book space with Christian Von Koenigsegg. To that end, it’s best make your new hypercar genuinely revolutionary and innovative. 

Czinger believes it has with the 21C. With its unique two-seat in-a-row design and 3D printing in amongst the “world’s most advanced production technologies”, it’s certainly something we’ve not seen before.

Seating in the centre is a unique offering, too, outside of the McLaren F1, Speedtail, and soon Gordon Murray’s T.50. That there are serious performance figures, and evidently finished and running cars, is a riposte to the sceptics, too. 

Styling: Le Mans meets Grand Theft Auto 

Czinger 21C teased with new pictures and performance figures

That single-seat layout, combined with the fact that, unlike the aforementioned McLarens and the GMA T.50, it doesn’t have two seats akimbo, means the 21C can have an extremely narrow glasshouse. The fighter plane cockpit and Le Mans wedge cliches are well-worn, but they really apply here.

In terms of styling, the Czinger is La Sarthe meets the long-standing supercar tribute acts of Grand Theft Auto.

There are hints, curiosities, that make you wonder whether some other cars inspired it. There are very of-the-moment styling tropes, too, with the width-spanning rear LED light bar.

All in, the 21C, in fading light at the Alameda Naval Base in San Francisco, looks to be a rare thing. Genuinely original, inside and out. We look forward to seeing it in full at Geneva next month.

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