Chancellor George Osborne

Chancellor complains to Top Gear for disturbing Budget

Top Gear London filming March 2016Chancellor George Osborne has scolded BBC Top Gear producers for disturbing him while trying to write the 2016 Budget.

The crew were filming on Horseguards Parade during the weekend – with one stunt apparently acted out right outside the Chancellor’s residence.

The irritated Chancellor thus took to Twitter to censure the produces and ask Top Gear host Chris Evans to “keep it down please”.

The scene is the latest in a number of stunts filmed around the City of London over the weekend. On Saturday, Top Gear host Matt LeBlanc and ‘hoonigan’ stunt driver Ken Block apparently surprised a bride and groom on their wedding day by blasting past St Paul’s Cathedral.

Top Gear filming in London – in pictures

More controversially, there have been reports of action being filmed near to the Cenotaph in Whitehall, although producers insist the filming was being carried out at a respectful distance from the war memorial.

All scenes in the weekend’s filming were also agreed with Westminster council in advance, said a spokesman.

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