CCTV systems to catch people ‘ICEing’

EV parking enforcement against ICEing

Electric car charge point provider Alfa Power is poised to roll out parking enforcement with the help of EV Parking management. The installation of CCTV monitoring and ANPR will be used to penalise drivers who are ‘ICEing’.

What is ICEing?

I hate people sometimes. from r/electricvehicles

ICEing is the term used to describe the act of parking in an electric car charging bay in an internal combustion car. Doing so often robs EV owners of a potentially important charging spot.

It’s a problem that electric car owners are often vocal about on social media, posting pictures of ICE-powered cars taking up precious charging bays. For someone in dire need of some juice, we can understand their frustration.

Fighting ICEing

The CCTV and ANPR systems will be used to track down and send a fine to fossil fuel-burners when they abuse EV-only parking. EV Parking Management is a company set up specifically to help fight the people that aren’t using EV charging bays properly.

Electric car drivers can be fined too

EV parking enforcement

Although EV parking bays are for electric cars, drivers of any plug-in cars can be fined. The spaces are for people who are charging, specifically. Parking spaces aren’t limited commodities that need protecting. Places to charge your electric car are. That goes for plug-in hybrid drivers who elect to not plug in when they park up, too.

Basically, if you park in an Alfa Power charging bay, you’d better plug in.

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