BMW E-Scooter

BMW is joining the e-scooter trend

BMW E-ScooterE-scooters are a fast-growing trend in electric mobility. Perfect for zippy zero-emissions cross-city use, they have already taken off in Silicon Valley – and now BMW is joining the ranks of producers with a new electric scooter that’s coming soon.

The new model is called the BMW E-Scooter. It has a top speed of 12 mph – four times as fast as walking – and an overall range of 7.5 miles.

Powering a tiny 150-watt motor, the compact lithium ion battery is hidden away from sight, helping keep the E-Scooter light and compact: it weighs 9 kg.

BMW E-Scooter

Users can therefore fold it up and tuck it under their desk at work – and charge it back up again from a domestic socket in just two hours’ time.

BMW E-Scooter

It comes equipped with front and rear lights, a dual braking system, and is finished in matt black paint. And, yes, there is a sparking blue BMW roundel on the front.

For those who don’t mind a bit of legwork, and don’t want to wait until September deliveries of the E-Scooter, non-powered scooters are also available right now. As with the BMW E-Scooter, these have been developed with Micro, the company that invented the Micro Scooter.

BMW City Scooter

The BMW City Scooter is fully-foldable, so can fit in a desk drawer, never mind just under the desk. It has big wheels and a low footplate, so is comfortable to ride, and it too has a fancy BMW roundel.

BMW Kids Scooter

Even kids are catered for, with the BMW Kids Scooter. Children aged from three years old can use it as a balance bike; older kids up to 12 can take off the seat and adjust the handlebar height as they grow.

As with their parents’ new car, the Kids Scooter and City Scooter can be bought from BMW main dealers. The BMW E-Scooter arrives in September; trend-setters, get your order in now.

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