Litter louts leave 10 tonnes of rubbish on A30 in Cornwall

10 tonnes of rubbish on A30 in Cornwall

As Cornwall braces itself for an influx of holidaymakers, the local council is urging visitors to take their rubbish home.

The county attracts around 4.5 million staying visitors every year, but while the vast majority wouldn’t dream of littering the countryside, some are less considerate.

Every year, Cornwall Council’s waste collection service Biffa collects 10 tonnes of litter from the roadsides and verges along the A30 – the main route for tourists.

Fast food packaging, takeaway cups and plastic bottles are the most common items found by the refuse teams, but a toilet, cooker and part of a boat are some of the bizarre items that have been dumped on the A30.

This suggests that locals are as much to blame for the litter as the tourists who flock to Cornwall’s sandy beaches and coastal attractions

‘Take your rubbish home’

Litter found in Cornwall

Cabinet portfolio holder for environment and public protection, Sue James, said: “While the majority of people act responsibly and help keep our roadsides clear of litter, it is hard to understand the mentality of people throwing rubbish from their cars while travelling through such beautiful countryside.

“Not only is it an eyesore and damaging to wildlife it means our waste collection team are having to collect litter alongside a road where drivers are travelling at speeds of 70mph. It also costs money that could be spent elsewhere.

“Please just take your rubbish home and keep our countryside looking beautiful.”

Dropping litter is a criminal offence under Section 87 of the Environmental Protection Act 19, and drivers can be fined £150 for throwing rubbish from a car window or dumping it in a lay-by, or up to £2,500 if the case goes to court.

The message is simple: keep Cornwall today by binning your rubbish or taking it home. If you spot somebody littering, report it to Cornwall Council.

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