Driving safely in snowShutterstock

Cold snap 2020: Driving safely in ice and snow

As sleet and snow spread across the UK, our five easy-to-follow tips explain how to drive safely in cold conditions.
Motorists' poor knowledge around winter tyresShutterstock

1 in 10 drivers don’t know what winter tyres are

Research reveals many motorists haven't heard of winter tyres, despite their potentially huge benefits for traction and grip in colder weather.
Top tips for safer winter driving peepy /

Top 10 tips for safer winter driving

Here are 10 tips for safer winter driving, including how to prepare your car, plus how to drive in rain, snow and other adverse conditions.
The most dangerous December day to driveShutterstock

Revealed: the most dangerous day in December to drive

New data has revealed what the most dangerous December day is for driving. Forget Friday the 13th, it’s the following Monday we need to be aware of
Fines and costs of winter drivingShutterstock

Winter driving: how to cut costs and avoid fines

Driving in winter is treacherous and challenging, but it can also impact your wallet. Here's how to stay safe and avoid unnecessary costs.
Winter breakdowns RACShutterstock

British drivers unprepared for winter breakdowns

A survey of 2,000 UK car owners reveals many are hopelessly unprepared for a winter breakdown. That's despite 62 percent having broken down at some point.
Winter driving tips adviceShutterstock

Winter is coming: prepare your car for the cold

Winter is coming and it's already getting dark. Prepare your car for the coming conditions to stay safe over the colder darker months