Highways England patrol officer

Roadside litter ‘a national disgrace’

Highways England and Keep Britain Tidy are running a September campaign encouraging motorists to keep motorways litter-free.
The dangers of dogs in hot carsNewspress

On a road trip? Your dog will need a break too

Highways England has teamed up with the Driving with Dogs website to identify dog-friendly locations just off the main roads.
M60 motorway lifted over river Mersey for bridge repairShutterstock

Motorway LIFTED to repair 50-year-old bridge

To enable repairs, Highways England has lifted the M60 motorway by 5mm on a 200-metre bridge that crosses the river Mersey.
Highways England cone-laying machineHighways England

Automatic cone-laying machines coming to motorways

Highways England has released details of new vehicles designed to place cones at roadworks. The machines will reduce risk for road workers.
Public supports Black Cat roundabout upgradeHighways England

Replacement for notorious A428 ‘Black Cat’ roundabout gets public support

The public has voiced its support for proposals to replace the Black Cat roundabout with a new junction linked to a new ten-mile stretch of dual carriageway
Highways England 70mph Thames tunnel

Consultation begins for 70mph tunnel under the Thames

A proposed 70mph Thames tunnel to the east of London is part of 'Britain’s most ambitious roads project in a generation'.
Highways England line-marking robot

Highways England is using an autonomous ROBOT to paint white lines

The time-saving, line-painting robot can mark up a section of road in four hours instead of the week it would take two humans.
Highways England switches lights back onShutterstock

Highways England is turning motorway lights back on

Highways England is ending its policy of switching off some motorway lighting between midnight and 5am, which it's done since 2009.
Highways England uses dronesShutterstock

Highways England using DRONES to watch motorway upgrades

Highways England has deployed its very own drones in order to keep a watch over the progress of works and upgrades on motorways
A14 upgrade Huntingdon CambridgeHighways England

A14 Cambridgeshire road upgrade to finish a year early

Commuters in Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire have reason to be pleased: part of the A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon upgrade will open earlier than planned.