Fan-tastic: First look at Gordon Murray’s T.50 ‘ground effect’ hypercar

Gordon Murray T.50 supercar McLaren F1 successor

Gordon Murray’s T.50 hypercar has been partially revealed, with a rendered image and a declaration that Gordon Murray Automotive (GMA) is collaborating with an F1 team to work on aerodynamics.

The T.50 is set to be something of a greatest hits album for Murray’s automotive output. As we now see, it really does have a large fan out-back, much like the one on his famous Brabham F1 car.

Spanning 400mm, it will accelerate air out from the underside of the T.50 and suck it to the ground. In theory, like the Brabham, it could also handle some of the engine cooling.


Gordon Murray T.50 supercar McLaren F1 successor

This will all be refined in collaboration with the Racing Point F1 team. The plan is to create the ‘most advanced and most effective aerodynamics ever seen on a road car’.

GMA says it will have six distinct aerodynamic modes, which optimise the fan as well as the performance of other active devices and the underbody aero.

Gordon Murray T.50

Aside from that, the T.50 is set to take everything that makes Murray’s 1992 McLaren F1, considered by many as the greatest car of all time, to the next level. That means a high-revving (12,100rpm) 4.0-litre Cosworth-developed V12, a manual transmission, a central driving position and a class-leading weight of 980kg thanks to carbon construction.

The engine will benefit from ram-air effect, which means the faster the car goes, the more power it can generate. In combination with a 48-volt integrated starter-generator (possibly hybrid?) system, it’ll put out 700hp in ‘Vmax Mode’.

Given the F1 held a speed record at more than 240mph for a number of years, we like the sound of that.

‘The purest possible form’Gordon Murray T.50 supercar McLaren F1 successor

So what about the styling? If you look past the fan, it’s a refreshingly subtle thing. The silhouette and footprint is immediately reminiscent of the F1. As is the ram air duct up-top, flanking engine bay windows and a wraparound cockpit. That fan means there’s no need for jutting spoilers, ailerons and slashed bodywork, affording it a clean aesthetic.

There’s a whiff of Ferrari in the lights and exhaust placement, and that’s no bad thing. We like what we see so far. Yes, even the fan.

“We were highly focused on achieving the purest possible form for the T.50, an objective we’ve achieved through world-first engineering innovations and active underbody aerodynamics,” said Gordon Murray.

“We will reveal the completed design at the T.50 supercar’s global debut in May.”

Gordon Murray Automotive T.50 – how long must we wait?Gordon Murray T.50

Just 100 people will be lucky enough to take delivery of a T.50. Customer uptake is reportedly encouraging, even at an entry price of ‘in excess of £2 million’. The first deliveries are scheduled for January 2022 – just over two years from now. The car will be unveiled in full in May of next year, as physical aero testing begins.

“We’ve been taken aback by the enthusiastic reaction of buyers from across the globe,” Murray continued. “The first customer deliveries will take place in January 2022, on schedule, with every customer who has already been allocated their T.50 receiving their car that year.”