September launch for the Leeds Clean Air Zone

The Leeds Clean Air Zone (CAZ) will come into operation on 28 September 2020. Non-complaint vehicles will be charged up to £50 per day to enter the zone.
Clean Air Zone checker

Will you be charged for entering a Clean Air Zone?

The government has launched a new online tool to help drivers and businesses to prepare for the new Clean AIr Zones in Leeds and Birmingham.

Bath Clean Air Zone proposed for 4 November

New Bath CAZ proposes to charge up to £100 for the heaviest emitters – but passenger cars and motorcycles will remain free to enter.
30 low emission zones proposed by leadersShutterstock

Politicians want 30 Clean Air Zones across the UK

Politicians across England have called for the government to support the establishment of 30 new Clean Air Zones, with charges for the most polluting cars.
What are Clean Air ZonesDRG Photography /

What are Clean Air Zones and how will they affect you?

A Clean Air Zone (CAZ) is an area in which a local authority has introduced measures to tackle air pollution. Here's what that means for drivers
Newcastle Clean Air Zone Consultation 2019

Newcastle and Gateshead Clean Air Zone could mean no more smog on the Tyne

Public consultation has now closed on plans that could see motorists charged up to £50 a day to access key parts of Newcastle and Gateshead
Zero emission London bus

Government Clean Air Strategy will 'improve air quality'

Air pollution is Britain's fourth biggest killer, after cancer, obesity and heart disease