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Volkswagen scrappage scheme for old diesel cars launched

Volkswagen e-GolfVolkswagen has launched a scrappage scheme that offers ‘upgrade incentives’ of up to £6,000 off a new VW for owners of pre-2010 diesel cars. Almost the entire VW range is eligible for the Scrappage Upgrade scheme, from the Up to the Sharan.

Also include is the firm’s range of electric or plug-in cars: the Golf GTE, Passat GTE, e-Up and e-Golf. A hefty £5,500 incentive is available on the e-Golf; when combined with the £4,500 government Plug-in Car Grant, this equals a whopping saving of £10,000.

It means an all-electric e-Golf can now be bought from £23,190.

Scrappage savings are just as significant on other big-selling Volkswagens, though. A significant £4,000 is available off the Golf range, £2,800 can be saved on the Polo and £5,000 is available on the Passat. The Sharan MPV has a £6,000 Scrappage Upgrade incentive.

Euro 1 to 4 diesel cars are included in the Volkswagen Scrappage Upgrade scheme, meaning vehicles registered before 2010. Buyers simply need to have owned it for six months or more.

Arguably the firm that, because of the dieselgate emissions scandal, caused the latest row in emissions, Volkswagen’s focus on diesel cars is significant – as is the inclusion of vehcicles as new as 2009, many of which carried the infamous cheating software.

Once a diesel evangelist, Volkswagen now aims to become the global leader in electric vehicles by 2025.

Alison Jones, director of Volkswagen UK, said: “It’s not just buyers of our latest Euro 6 petrol and diesel cars who could benefit. The incentives offered on our class-leading range of plug-in hybrid and full electric cars are particularly eye-catching.”

The Volkswagen Scrappage Upgrade scheme runs from now until 31 December 2017.

Volkswagen Scrappage Upgrade incentives:

Up: £1,800

Polo: £2,800

Golf: £4,000

Beetle: £4,000

Jetta: £4,000

Tiguan: £4,000

Touran: £4,000

Passat: £5,000

Scirocco: £5,000

Arteon: £5,000

Sharan: £6,000

Volkswagen Scrappage Upgrade incentives – electric/electrified cars:

Golf GTE (PHEV): £5,000

Passat GTE (PHEV): £6,000

e-Up (EV): £3,300

e-Golf (EV): £5,500

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