Porsche Classic Life pop-up shop

Porsche Classic Life pop-up shop opens at Bicester Heritage

Porsche Classic Life pop-up shopPorsche Classic and Porsche Cars GB have opened a unique ‘pop-up shop’ for retro Porsche fans at the fast-growing Bicester Heritage classic motoring hub. Run by Dick Lovett and Porsche Centre Swindon, it aims to be a showcase for all things old Porsche, from 356 to 996 911. 

The concept is similar to the ‘Porsche Life’ shops that have been popping up around the UK. ‘Porsche Classic Life’ follows a similar concept – showing off parts and accessories for older Porsches, along with the experts who can advise and guide owners in the right direction. 

Porsche’s expecting the Bicester Heritage base to be a prime location for the site, although it adds that it’s not just for owners. Porsche enthusiasts are also welcome, and the relaxed, informal setting will hopefully encourage newcomers to learn more (and buy stuff). 

Porsche Classic Life pop-up shop

The customer lounge and parts shop isn’t the only element of the new Porsche Classic Life shop, though. There’s also an inspection ramp, which technicians from Porsche Centre Swindon can use to check the health of visitors’ classics, before then ordering the necessary parts (and Porsche Classic Genuine Parts lists over 52,000 of them) back inside. 

Porsche opened the Classic Life pop-up during the Bicester Heritage Sunday Scramble last month, staffed by Dick Lovett experts. It’ll continue to open its doors throughout 2018: if you’re keen to visit, email Porsche Swindon’s Stephen Brown on stephen.brown@porscheswindon.co.uk, or give him a buzz on 07773 948516.