Mercedes Me Adapter for older cars

New adapter brings connected services to older Mercedes models

Mercedes Me Adapter for older carsWith the pace of development of in-car technology accelerating exponentially, it is easy for drivers of older models to feel left out. 

Even those with relatively new cars can still miss out on the latest upgrades, but Mercedes-Benz is helping out those with models stretching all the way back to 2002.

Once fitted, the Mercedes me Adapter allows a connection with a specific app on the drivers smartphone. New Mercedes-Benz cars come with this connectivity as standard, but adding the adapter allows access to a range of functions for older vehicles, too.

Although not quite the full suite of functions available to the newest Mercedes models, the adapter still allows drivers to a range of information. This includes details on recent journeys, checking fuel levels and range, finding out when a service is next due, and even locating where you parked your Benz.

The smartphone app also allows drivers to book in their next service, and access relevant phone numbers and contact details in the event of a breakdown or accident.

Owners can use the Mercedes-Benz website to check if their vehicle is compatible with the adapter, and book a fitting with their local dealership. At present the cost of the adapter, and fitting by a dealership, is free-of-charge. 

Making older cars more connected is an emerging trend, with Volkswagen offering a free DataPlug to mimic the abilities of the expensive built-in Car-Net system. 

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