You can buy a Mountune racing-style gearbox for your Ford Focus

Mountune sequential gearbox

Mountune is dealer-sanctioned Ford tuning company, happy to turn your hot hatch into a Porsche-bothering beast. And now, racing-style gearboxes are on the menu.

Owners of Mk2 Focus models (primarily the ST and RS) as well as some Volvos, can buy a new Quaife QKE45Z sequential transmission to add a touch of rally magic to their modern classic.

The gear set retains the original bell housing, so it shouldn’t be too expensive an upgrade. Changes include a strengthened outer casing, a custom breather as well as, obviously, the gears themselves and shifter. The gears are also thicker for added strength. You can get Geartronic ignition cut for flat-shifting, too…

Mountune sequential gearbox

Anything with the Ford M66 transmission can be upgraded, including more powerful Mk2 Focus models, as well as some Volvo C30, S40, V50, S60, C70 and V70 cars. For everything other than a Ford Focus RS, Mountune recommends you get a limited-slip diff for good measure. The RS came with one out of the box. 

“We are excited to bring Mk2 Focus owners the quick and consistent Quaife sequential gearbox they’ve always wanted, available exclusively through Mountune,” said David Moore, director of Mountune Performance.

“It provides a great performance upgrade over the standard manual shifter and feels extremely engaging as a driver. It’s always exciting to provide our customers with the opportunity to transform and enhance the way their cars drive, and this is no exception.”

Mountune sequential gearbox

It’s a comfort to us that a company as ‘official’ as Mountune is still looking at older cars.

Could we see it take on ‘Singer’ style classic fast Ford builds in the future? Now, wouldn’t that be something…

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