Ford GT fire risk

Ford GT hypercar recalled due to fire risk

Ford GT fire risk

The new-generation Ford GT hypercar is being recalled due to fire risk. Ford is taking the action after a car in Germany went up in flames.

It’s reported that a leak is possible in the hydraulic systems that control the suspension and rear spoiler. Fluid drips down from a valve in the spoiler system onto the hot exhaust, causing the car to ignite. Ford GTs built between December 2016 and July 31st 2018 are said to be affected.

Just under 200 vehicles in North America  176 in the USA and 18 in Canada – have been recalled. The remedial work involves a software update to eliminate the possibility of excessive pressure in the valve block assembly. Some vehicles without a hydraulic check valve and filter will get the hardware retro-fitted, as well as hydraulic pump O-rings if required.

Ford GT fire risk

As yet, the recall only covers America and Canada, although a package is being put together for European cars that will likely include similar amendments.

With the second round of Ford GTs about to enter production, the latest cars will come with the fix from new.

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